Hertfordshire GAA Football League 2015

Hertfordshire GAA Logo [Reference: 1]

Final Table

St. Colmcilles St. Albans (F)65011007710
St. Dympnas Luton6402127908
Glen Rovers Watford530276606
Eire Og Oxford420269654
Cambridge Purcells410354682
St. Josephs Waltham Cross5005531190
Hertfordshire GAA Football League Table 2015 [Reference: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
05.07.2015St. Colmcilles St. Albans17St. Dympnas Luton16
Hertfordshire GAA Football League Finals 2015 [Reference: 3]


DateHome TeamAwayy Team
Week 1
11.04.2015St. Dympnas Luton16St. Colmcilles St. Albans14
12.04.2015Eire Og Oxford17Glen Rovers Watford12
12.04.2015Cambridge Parnells29St. Josephs Waltham Cross4
Week 2
18.04.2015St. Josephs Waltham Cross10Eire Og Oxford28
19.04.2015St. Colmcilles St. Albans21Cambridge Parnells10
19.04.2015Glen Rovers Watford16St. Dympnas Luton14
Week 3
25.04.2015St. Josephs Waltham Cross20St. Dympnas Luton36
26.04.2015Glen Rovers Watford13St. Colmcilles St. Albans13
26.04.2015Eire Og OxfordpCambridge Parnellsp
Week 4
09.05.2015Eire Og Oxford12St. Colmcilles St. Albans18
10.05.2015St. Josephs Waltham Cross9Glen Rovers Watford12
10.05.2015Cambridge Parnells11St. Dympnas Luton20
Week 5
16.05.2015St. Dympnas Luton25Eire Og Oxford20
17.05.2015St. Colmcilles St. Albans14St. Josephs Waltham Cross10
17.05.2015Cambridge Parnells4Glen Rovers Watford23
Hertfordshire GAA Football League Results 2015 [Reference: 3]


St. Colmcilles St. Albans (Hertfordshire) won the Hertfordshire GAA Football League by a point (17-16) over St. Dympnas Luton (Bedfordshire) in the County Final in 2015. In all six teams entered the League.

Hertfordshire GAA represents Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire in the South of England.



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