GAA World

The GAA World Archive is the second Private Research Project of Enda Mulcahy, a student at the Irish Academy of Computer Training in Dublin. It is intended to be an Archive of the Results, Tables and Statistics of both the Gaelic Games outside Ireland (GAA World), and the World Sports which are only starting now in Ireland, such as Celtic Sports (Scottish Shinty, Basque Pelota, Welsh Baseball).

In addition the less popular Gaelic Games (International Rules, Handball, Poc Fada, and Rounders) shall be covered as well as the 32 County GAA, where a World Angle is available – such as London or New York in the All-Ireland Championships, British Club sides in the Junior Club Championships, and people from all around the World playing GAA in Ireland.

The Archive also covers Traditional European Sports (Calcio Fiorentino, Georgian Lelo, Frisian Kaatsen, Spanish Jai Alai, Russian & Scandinavian Bandy, Finnish Pesapallo, Danish Brannboll, French Je de Tambourine, Italian Tamburello), and World Sports (Sepak Takraw – SE Asia, Kabaddi – India, Polo – Iran & Afghanistan, South African Ringball, Mexican Ulama Pok-ta-Pok, Choctaw Stickball).

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Ireland Hurling-Shinty International Rulres Team

Follow the links below, at the side menu or in the Navigation Bar (Dropdown Menus) above to be brought to the index pages, where you will find the results, tables and statistics of the various GAA, and Traditional European and World Sports.


International Rules – the only opportunity to represent Ireland at GAA: International Rules Football (Ireland v Australia), Hurling-Shinty (Ireland v Scotland), Handball-Pelota (Ireland v Basque Country), Rounders-Baseball (GAA Rounders v Leinster Softball), Hurlacrosse (Ireland Lacrosse v Europe Hurling, Ireland Hurling v Iroquois Lacrosse), Poc Fada Golf

Handball – The Results of GAA Handball, which according to the World Handball Council was first played in Ireland.

Poc Fada – Ireland’s version of Golf. The Results of the GAA Poc Fada All-Ireland Championships (Hurling & Camogie) and Provincial Championships dating back to 1961 when they were first held.

Rounders – The Results of the GAA Rounders All-Ireland Championships (Ladies, Men’s and Mixed), (Senior, Minor and Feile) dating back to 1970. Rounders was included in the original GAA Charter of 1884, but was not organised until 1958.It is an Irish & British version of Baseball or Softball and was first codified by the GAA.


Hurling – It is often said Hurling is like Ireland’s National Sport. There are four Divisions within the All-Ireland Championships (Liam McCarthy Cup, Christy Ring Cup, Nicky Rackard Cup and Lory Meagher Cup. There is also a three-tiered Club Championship (Senior, Intermediate and Junior) to which the Britain GAA Provincial Champions can enter, and a National Hurling League

Gaelic Football – The most popular of the Gaelic Games, Gaelic Football is extremely popular throughout the traditional 32 counties. As well as a two-tiered All-Ireland Championship (brought in in 2020 after one-tiered system until 2019), there is a three-tired All-Ireland Club Championship (Senior, Intermediate and Junior) and a National Football League.

Camogie – Ladies Hurling, known as Camogie, is governed by the Camogie Association, and runs an All-Ireland Championship, All-Ireland Club Championship, and National Camogie League.

Ladies Gaelic – the Ladies Gaelic Football Association governs the sport in Ireland, running the All-Ireland Championships, All-Ireland Club Championships and National Ladies Football League.

GAA Counties

Connacht GAA – The Results of the Club Championships and Leagues of Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Roscommon and Leitrim.

Leinster GAA (North ) – The Results of the Club Championships and Leagues of Dublin, Kildare, Louth, Longford, Meath and Westmeath

Leinster GAA (South) – The Results of the Club Championships and Leagues of Offaly, Laois, Carlow, Kilkenny, Wicklow and Wexford

Munster GAA – The Results of the Club Championships and Leagues of Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Clare, Tipperary and Waterford

Ulster GAA – The Results of the Club Championships and Leagues of Antrim, Down, Armagh, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Derry, Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan.

New GAA Counties – The Results of the Gaeltacht Football Championship as well as Fingal and South Down Hurling – the GAA’s attempts to promote Gaelic Football and Hurling in non-traditional areas.

World GAA

GAA Internationals – New York v All-Ireland Champions, Australia v National League Champions, European Internationals.

Britain GAA – The Results of the Britain GAA Provincial Championships, as well as the Club Championships and Leagues of the seven Britain GAA Counties: London, Warwickshire, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Scotland.

GAA World Games – The World Games are the Provincial Championships for the seven Counties outside Ireland and Britain: New York, United States, Canada, Australasia, Europe, Asia, and Middle East. Also included is the Club Championships and Leagues of those seven counties and Argentina, Caribbean, Russia and Africa, although they are not yet counties.

European Handball – European Handball is played to a high level in United Kingdom, France, Belgium (Brussels-Wallonia and Flanders), Netherlands, Spain, Catalonia, Basque Country and Italy. The European Pro Wallball Tour Euro1Wall is a unified version of the game across Europe.

World Handball – The World Handball Council website says that the sport was first played in Ireland, and it is very popular throughout the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. World Handball Players is the top Professional Circuit in North America.

World Rounders – Outside of Ireland, Rounders is played in England, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Celtic Sports

Scottish Shinty – most popular in the Highlands of Scotland, Shinty is the National Sport of Gaelic Scotland (Alba). It is a Hurling-like game with 12 players per team and goals only.

Welsh Baseball – Like a cross between Rounders, Baseball and Cricket, Welsh Baseball is the Traditional Celtic Sport of Wales, and is most popular in South Wales and Liverpool.

Basque Pelota – like Handball, but played with a large curved glove, this is the National Sport of the Basque Country, between France and Spain, and the Traditional Sport of the oldest, and perhaps only Native, European people.

Medieval Sports – The uncodified sports of Medieval Britain, that are still played: Manx Cammag, Cornish Hurling, British Football and Eton Fives.

Brittany GAA – Gaelic Football is played in Brittany, NW France, like in Ireland, almost entirely by Natives in small towns and villages. Brittany is one of the seven Celtic Nations.

Galicia GAA – Like Brittany, Gaelic Football played in Galicia, NW Iberia, like in Ireland, almost entirely by Natives in small towns and villages. Galicia is one of the seven Celtic Nations.

Celtic Nations: Eire (Ireland), Alba (Scotland), Mannin (Isle of Man), Cymru (Wales), Kernow (Cornwall), Breizh (Brittany) and Galiza (Galicia). Sometimes included are Gaul (ancient Celtic France), Brittania (ancient Celtic Britain), Cumbria, Northumberland, and the French and Spanish Basque Countries & Navarre.

European Traditional Sports

Traditional European Football – Calcio Fiorentino (Tuscany) and Georgian Lelo.

Korfball – A Dutch variation on Basketball. Ireland compete in the European Korfball Championships.

Bandy and Roller Hockey Bandy (Russia and Scandinavia) and Roller Hockey (Portugal and Ireland)) as well as Floorball Results in Ireland and Special Olympics.

Traditional European BaseballFinnish Pesapallo, Brannboll (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany)

European Racquet Sports Palla Tamburello (Italy) and Jeu de Tambourine (France) – Five-a-side Team Racquet Sports played with a Tambourine.

European Team Handball Pelota a Mano (Spain and Basque Country) and Kaatsen (Frisia)

World Sports

Asian SportsCentral Asian Sports: Polo (Iran & Afghanistan) South East Asian Sports: Sepak Takraw (Primarily Thailand and Malaysia, but played throughout SE Asia) South Asian Sports: Kabaddi (India, but played throughout South Asia)

Oceanian SportsAustralia: Marn Grook (Australian Aboriginal Football) and Polocrosse

African SportsAfrica: Ringball (South Africa)

North American SportsAmerican Sports: Cowboy Polo (Montana) and Ringette (Canada)

Native American SportsNative American Sports: Stickball (Choctaw Nation)

Central American SportsCentral America: Ulama (Mexica) and Pok-ta-Pok (Maya) – Ancient Ball Game.

Caribbean SportsCaribbean – Road Tennis (Barbados)

South American SportsSouth America: Cestoball (Argentina)