Ian Jones | Irish Pro American Football Coach | Cleveland Browns & Houston Texans 2016-2017

AFC North Table 2016

*Pittsburgh Steelers161150399327.688
Baltimore Ravens16880343321.500
Cincinnati Bengals16691325315.406
Cleveland Browns161150264452.083
AFC North Final Table 2016 [Reference: 2]

Ian Jones who was born in Cork, Ireland, had a low-level Coaching Position with the Cleveland Browns in 2016

AFC South Table 2017

*Jacsonville Jaguars161060417268.625
*Tennessee Titans16970334356.563
Indianapolis Colts164120263404.250
Houston Texans164120338436.250
AFC South Table 2017 [Reference: 2]

Ian Jones who was born in Cork, Ireland, was Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Houston Texans in 2017.


Ian Jones, born in Cork, was appointed Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach at the Houston Texans in 2017. He started doing voluntary work, mostly coaching in the GAA while still in College and one other coach, Mark Kilgallon, who is now Head Strength and Conditioning Coach with the AFL’s Sydney Swans, saw potential, and got him an Internship at the University of South Carolina, using his contacts with Craig Fitzgerald, whom he had worked with at Harvard university in the mid-2000s. He worked 12 Hours a Day at USC, seven days a week, 8 hours each day coaching.

From there he went to Penn State, where he stayed for three years coaching the University’s Rugby Team. By now Fitzgerald had moved on to become a Coach at the Houston Texans, Jones ended up taking a low level position with the Cleveland Browns in 2016, and from there went on to the Houston Texans in 2017, after Fitzgerald called him up when a position became vacant. [1]

At the Texans a typical day stated at 3 A.M. the S&C Staff train at 3:45 AM, At 6 AM they Preview the Day and set up the Weight Room. At 7 AM they train the 30-or-so Rookies (First Year Players). At 8 AM they have a team meeting and 8:30 AM the S&C staff meet for injury/rehab reports. 9 AM they train the five Long Snappers, Kickers and Punters. 10 AM is full practice – Three Hours Long. At 1 PM until 3 PM the non-Rookies are trained individually, staggerred, before they move off to their own individual training. After that it calms down – they eat, review what needs to be done in the Weightroom, look at data from Practice. at 5 or 6 PM another full team meeting and at 7 PM a Final walk-through for the Day. Once the meetings are finished around 8 or 9 PM, that’s the day done. [1]



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