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IFL Indoor Football League 2023


IFL Indoor Football League Eastern Conference 2023

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak
1Frisco Fighters5001.000279179100W5
2Quad Cities Steamwheelers4200.66730228616L1
3Sioux Falls Storm3200.60024320142W2
4Massachusetts Pirates3200.60025323419W1
5Green Bay Blizzard2300.400209252-43L1
6Tulsa Oilers1400.200191261-70L1
7Iowa Barnstormers0500.000177265-88L5

IFL Indoor Football League Western Conference 2023

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak
1Tucson Sugar Skulls3100.75016714522L1
2Bay Area Panthers3200.60023020327W2
3Northern Arizona Wranglers3200.60018016812W1
4Arizona Rattlers3300.5002972898W1
5Vegas Knight Hawks2300.40021219121L1
6Duke City Gladiators2300.400218229-11L2
7San Diego Strike Force2400.333211266-55L1

Regular Season Schedule

IFL Indoor Football League 2023

Match Day Week 1
(Week 1)
53 - 60

Quad Cities Steamwheelers vs Arizona Rattlers

(Week 1)
30 - 76

Green Bay Blizzard vs Frisco Fighters

Match Day Week 2
(Week 2)
35 - 13

Frisco Fighters vs Tulsa Oilers

(Week 2)
35 - 43

Northern Arizona Wranglers vs Duke City Gladiators

(Week 2)
57 - 44

Vegas Knight Hawks vs Iowa Barnstormers

(Week 2)
47 - 49

San Diego Strike Force vs Quad Cities Steamwheelers

Match Day Week 3
(Week 3)
44 - 25

Green Bay Blizzard vs Iowa Barnstormers

(Week 3)
36 - 34

Quad Cities Steamwheelers vs Sioux Falls Storm

(Week 3)
55 - 60

Duke City Gladiators vs Frisco Fighters

(Week 3)
48 - 42

Northern Arizona Wranglers vs Vegas Knight Hawks

(Week 3)
59 - 52

Massachusetts Pirates vs Bay Area Panthers

(Week 3)
16 - 35

San Diego Strike Force vs Tucson Sugar Skulls

Match Day Week 2
(Week 2)
55 - 41

Massachusetts Pirates vs Green Bay Blizzard

Match Day Week 3
(Week 3)
47 - 46

Bay Area Panthers vs Arizona Rattlers

Match Day Week 4
(Week 4)
57 - 36

Duke City Gladiators vs Tulsa Oilers

(Week 4)
48 - 54

Arizona Rattlers vs Tucson Sugar Skulls

(Week 4)
36 - 37

Vegas Knight Hawks vs San Diego Strike Force

(Week 4)
54 - 24

Sioux Falls Storm vs Iowa Barnstormers

Match Day Week 5
(Week 5)
56 - 39

Frisco Fighters vs Massachusetts Pirates

(Week 5)
42 - 68

Tulsa Oilers vs Quad Cities Steamwheelers

(Week 5)
48 - 37

Arizona Rattlers vs Duke City Gladiators

(Week 5)
41 - 47

Sioux Falls Storm vs Green Bay Blizzard

(Week 5)
48 - 9

Northern Arizona Wranglers vs San Diego Strike Force

(Week 5)
30 - 34

Bay Area Panthers vs Tucson Sugar Skulls

Match Day Week 6
(Week 6)
47 - 55

Green Bay Blizzard vs Sioux Falls Storm

(Week 6)
50 - 26

Vegas Knight Hawks vs Duke City Gladiators

(Week 6)
52 - 42

Frisco Fighters vs Arizona Rattlers

(Week 6)
48 - 54

Iowa Barnstormers vs Tulsa Oilers

(Week 6)
49 - 44

Quad Cities Steamwheelers vs Massachusetts Pirates

(Week 6)
44 - 51

Tucson Sugar Skulls vs San Diego Strike Force

(Week 6)
47 - 13

Bay Area Panthers vs Northern Arizona Wranglers

Match Day Week 7
(Week 7)
56 - 36

Massachusetts Pirates vs Iowa Barnstormers

(Week 7)
27 - 36

Vegas Knight Hawks vs Northern Arizona Wranglers

(Week 7)
59 - 47

Sioux Falls Storm vs Quad Cities Steamwheelers

(Week 7)
46 - 53

Tulsa Oilers vs Arizona Rattlers

(Week 7)
51 - 54

San Diego Strike Force vs Bay Area Panthers

Weekly Recaps

Week 1 (17-19 March 2023)

Arizona Rattlers opened the 2023 Indoor Football League (IFL) season with a 60-53 defeat of Quad City Steamwheelers in Illinois on St. Patrick’s Day. Two days later Frisco Fighters more than doubled their opponents score in a 76-30 win at Green Bay Blizzard in Wisconsin. The IFL’s first full weekend of fixtures starts in week 2. [References: 1]

Week 2 (24-26 March 2023)

Frisco Fighters moved to 2-0 in the Eastern Conference with a 35-13 victory at home to newcomers Tulsa Oilers and Massachustetts Pirates opened their season with a 55-41 defeat of Green Bay Blizzard (0-2). Quad City Steamwheelers won 49-47 at San Diego Strike Force to level up at 1-1. In the Western Conference Vegas Knight Hawks (57-44 versus Iowa Barnstormers, Duke City Gladiators (43-35 at defending Champions Northern Arizona Wranglers) and Bay Area Panthers (47-46 at home to Arizona Rattlers) all opened their seasons with wins. [References: 1-2]

Weeks 3-4 (31 April-9 April 2023)

After four weeks the Frisco Fighters of Texas (3-0), Massachusetts Pirates (2-0) and Tucson Sugar Skulls of Arizona (2-0) were the only undefeated teams in the IFL. Frisco had improved to 3-0 in week 3 with a close 60-55 victory at Duke City Gladiators from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Massachusetts Pirates kept pace with the Fighters in the Eastern Conference with a 59-52 defeat of Bay Area Panthers from San Jose, California in the Pirates home in New England, while Tucson Sugar Skulls picked up wins in their first two outings: 35-16 at San Diego Strike Force in a low-scoring game for Indoor rules in week 3, and a 54-48 win at Arizona Rattlers in an Arizona rivalry game.

The Eastern Conference’s Green Bay Blizzard and Sioux Falls Storm both picked up their first wins of the season in victories over Iowa Barnstormers: the Wisconsin-based Blizzard winning 44-25 at home in week 3 and the South Dakota-based Storm 54-24 at home in week 4. Other teams picking up first wins were Northern Arizona Wranglers (48-42 versus Vegas Knight Hawks), San Diego Strike Force (37-36 at Vegas Knight Hawks) and Duke City Gladiators (57-36 at home to league newcomers Tulsa Oilers). [References: 1-2]


For the 2023 season the Indoor Football League lost the Bismarck Bucks but added the Tulsa Oilers to remain a 14-team league, divided into two Conferences (East and West) of seven teams each. Northern Arizona Wranglers are the defending Champions.

The Indoor Football League is a Major American Football League playing Reduced Numbers (8v8) Arena Indoor American Football in USA. Previously AAA, it has since the demise of the Arena Football League (a Major League) after the 2019 season, expanded its Geographic Reach, and has taken the AFL’s position as the Major League in Indoor/Arena Football. This version of American Football is most popular in Mexico, hence names like Tucson Sugar Skulls. LEXFA (Liga Extrema de Futbol Arena) in Mexico is the Major League in Mexico (and also one of four Mexican Majors)

SAP Center, San Jose – Home of Bay Area Panthers

SAP Center San Jose
Featured Image: November 25, 2018 San Jose / CA / USA – SAP Center building close to downtown San Jose, south San Francisco bay area; multi-purpose sports and concert venue; home of the San Jose Sharks of the NHL Item ID: 1241602126 Congtributor Sundry Photography [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 17 March 2022][Edited by Enda Mulcahy for]


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