There are a number of sports where an implement is used to propel a ball towards a target, which originated in Britain.

Badminton A Racquet Sport played indoors with a shuttlecock, and high net dividing the two sides.

Tennis The most familiar racquet sport to most people due to the popularity of Wimbledon. Played with a raquet and tennis ball, and with a net dividing the sides. Played usually on grass or clay, although a hard court is increasingly popular.

Squash Played on an indoor court with four walls.

Table Tennis Played with a paddle across a table with a net dividing the two sides.

Real Tennis The original version of Tennis, played only by royalty in the Medieval Period, but now open to everyone. Played on an indoor court with walls up to the edge of the court, a roof and a gallery (openings) down one wall and a net dividing the two sides.

Padel Like a cross between Tennis and Table Tennis, Padel is played on a court with walls on all sides, a net dividing the two sides, and a Tennis racquet-sized Paddle instead of a racquet. All plays must be underarm.

Golf uses a Club to hit a ball towards a hole marked by a flag. The aim is to get the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible.

Snooker & Pool are similar sports played on a table with holes around the edge, where the aim is to hit the coloured balls with a white ball pushed by a cue. The intention is to clear the table of balls by getting them in the holes.

Croquet One of the earliest sports to have been codified, by Irish Gentry in Co. Meath. A Mallet is used to hit a ball through hoops or to kock the opponents ball out of the way.

Polo & Polocrosse A mallet is used to hit a ball through goals, called chukkas, while on horseback. A team game.

Croquet is another sport similar to Golf and Snooker except a Mallet is used to knock a ball through a hoop on a lawn.