Indoor Football League 2019

Indoor Football League Alternate Logo (2009-2019) [4]


*Arizona Rattlers1414008795101.000
*Iowa Barnstormers141220716522.857
*Sioux Falls Storm141130738589.786
*Green Bay Blizzard14950590521.643
*Nebraska Danger14770714656.500
*Tucson Sugar Skulls14770728705.500
Quad Cities Steamwheelers14680709650.429
Bismarck Bucks142120474751.143
Cedar Rapids River Kings141130413730.071
San Diego Strike Force141130524871.071

Reference: [1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
1st Round Playoffs
21.06.2019Green Bay Blizzard40Nebraska Dangers45
23.06.2019Sioux Falls Storm50Tucson Sugar Skulls47
United Conference Championship
29.06.2019Iowa Barnstormers50Sioux Falls Storm52
Intense Conference Championship
29.06.2019Arizona Rattlers62Nebraska Danger45
United Bowl Championship Game
13.07.2019Arizona Rattlers53Sioux Falls Storm56

Reference: [2]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
22.02.2019Quad Cities Steamwheelers66San Diego Strke Force50
23.02.2019Cedar Rapids River Kings44Sioux Falls Storm47
23.02.2019Nebraska Danger66Bismarck Bucks44
24.02.2019Green Bay Blizzard21Arizona Rattlers51
Week 2
01.03.2019Green Bay Blizzard53Nebraska Danger52
03.03.2019Quad Cities Steamwheelers39Iowa Barnstormers53
03.03.2019Arizona Rattlers81Cedar Rapids River Kings37
03.03.2019San Diego Strike Force44Tucson Sugar Skulls65
Week 3
09.03.2019Nebraska Danger36Sioux Falls Storm55
09.03.2019Cedar Rapids River Kings65San Diego Strike Force48
09.03.2019Iowa Barnstormers41Green Bay Blizzard3
10.03.2019Tucson Sugar Skulls62Bismarck Bucks42
Week 4
15.03.2019Cedar Rapids River Kings36Quad Cities Steamwheelers58
16.03.2019Bismarck Bucks18Sioux Falls Storm52
16.03.2019Arizona Rattlers63Tucson Sugar Skulls28
Week 5
22.03.2019Sioux Falls Storm66Quad Cities Steamwheelers52
23.03.2019Nebraska Danger55Iowa Barnstormers58
24.03.2019San Diego Strike Force45Green Bay Blizzard53
Week 6
29.03.2019Quad Cities Steamwheelers26Green Bay Blizzard29
30.03.2019Bismarck Bucks35Nebraska Danger50
30.03.2019Cedar Rapids River Kings20Iowa Barnstormers41
31.03.2019Tucson Sugar Skulls51San Diego Strike Force31
31.03.2019Arizona Rattlers58Sioux Falls Storm40
Week 7
05.04.2019Green Bay Blizzard53Quad Cities Steamwheelers47
06.04.2019Bismarck Bucks31Sioux Falls Storm64
06.04.2019Arizona Rattlers91San Diego Strike Force58
06.04.2019Iowa Barnstormers59Cedar Rapids River Kings48
06.04.2019Nebraska Danger53Tucson Sugar Skulls47
Week 8
13.04.2019Green Bay Blizzard60Nebraska Danger50
14.04.2019Bismarck Bucks16Iowa Barnstormers55
14.04.2019Tucson Sugar Skulls41Arizona Rattlers55
14.04.2019San Diego Strike Force40Cedar Rapids River Kings34
Week 9
20.04.2019Cedar Rapids River Kings25Bismarck Bucks40
20.04.2019Nebraska Danger47Green Bay Blizzard40
20.04.2019Siuox Falls Storm36Iowa Barnstormers32
20.04.2019Quad Cities Steamwheelers72Tucson Sugar Skulls54
22.04.2019San Diego Strike Force14Arizona Rattlers52
Week 10
26.04.2019Nebraska Danger66Cedar Rapids River Kings42
27.04.2019Sioux Falls Storm50Arizona Rattlers63
27.04.2019Tucson Sugar Skulls58Iowa Barnstormers61
28.04.2019Bismarck Bucks50Quad Cities Steamwheelers48
Week 11
04.05.2019Arizona Rattlers56Nebraska Dangers46
04.05.2019Green Bay Blizzard48Bismarck Bucks39
04.05.2019Iowa Barnstormers43Cedar Rapids River Kings18
04.05.2019Quad Cities Steamwheelers46Sioux Falls Storm59
04.05.2019Tucson Sugar Skulls54San Diego Strike Force34
Week 12
09.05.2019San Diego Strike Force48Tucson Sugar Skulls65
11.05.2019Iowa Barnstormers59Quad Cities Steamwheelers56
11.05.2019Siuox Falls Storm44Green Bay Blizzard37
Week 13
18.05.2019Bismarck Bucks40Tucson Sugar Skulls52
18.05.2019Sioux Falls Storm57Nebraska Danger56
19.05.2019Green Bay Blizzard49Iowa Bzarnstormers54
19.05.2019San Diego Strike Force63Arizona Rattlers84
Week 14
24.05.2019Iowa Barnstormers65Bismarck Bucks35
24.05.2019Nebraska Danger37Quad Cities Steamwheelers43
25.05.2019Tucson Sugar Skulls47Arizona Rattlers62
Week 15
01.06.2019Bismarck Bucks10Green Bay Blizzard41
01.06.2019Cedar Rapids River Kings0Arizona Rattlers56
01.06.2019Sioux Falls Storm60San Diego Strike Force7
Week 16
06.06.2019San Diego Strike Force26Nebraska Danger54
07.06.2019Quad Cities Steamwheelers58Bismarck Bucks20
08.06.2019Arizona Rattlers50Tucson Sugar Skulls49 ot
08.06.2019Cedar Rapids River Kings15Green Bay Blizzard56
08.06.2019Iowa Barnstormers55Sioux Falls Storm53
Week 17
15.06.2019Arizona Rattlers57San Diego Strike Force16
15.06.2019Green Bay Blizzard47Cedar Rapids River Kings0
15.06.2019Siuox Falls Storm65Bismarck Bucks54
15.06.2019Iowa Barnstormers40Nebraska Danger46
15.06.2019Tucson Sugar Skulls55Quad Cities Steamwheelers50

Reference: [2]

Team Geographic Map

2019 IFL Geographic Map [3]


Sioux Falls Storm shocked the previously unbeaten Arizona Rattlers 56-53 in the United Bowl to win their 10th United Bowl, extending their record.

Arizona had finished 14-0 in Regular Season play, and Iowa Barnstormers 12-2 in second. Sioux Falls beat both of these one-time AAA Arena Football League teams on the way to the title after winning against Tucson Sugar Skulls (50-47) in the First Round Playoffs.

The United Conference Championship game was also extremely close, with the Storm beating Nebraska Danger 52-50. In the Intense Conference Championship Arizona Rattlers had beaten Nebraska Danger 62-45. Nebraska had earlier beaten Green Bay Blizzard 45-40 in the Playoffs.

Six of the 10 teams made the playoffs, with Quad Cities Steamwheelers just missing out of a spot in the post-season with a 6-8 record. Bismarck Bucks (2-12), Cedar Rapids River Kings (1-13) and San Diego Strike Force (1-13) won a total of 4 games between them.


The Indoor Football League is a AA American Football League played Reduced Numbers (8v8) Arena Football in the Western MidWest & American Southwest.

Reduced Numbers American Football is Full Contact Kittec Football, but with less players designed for smaller localities & regions with less population in the USA.



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