Indoor Soccer

Futsal is the South American version of Football and was invented in 1930s Uruguay by a teacher.

It is played on the same indoor court as an Olympic Handball court, with lines delineating the out-of-bounds rather than walls as in Indoor Football.

Players must pass the ball into a semi-circle surrounding the opposing teams goal before being allowed to shoot.

Similar games include Arena Soccer (big in USA and Canada, where there were professional Leagues before the MLS), Indoor Football, Football Fives, Street Soccer, Beach Soccer, and Powerchair Football.

Below you will find the Results and Tables of various competitions in Ireland.


UEFA Futsal Championship

UEFA Futsal Championship (Editions): 2009-10

UEFA Futsal Cup

UEFA Futsal Cup (Overviews):

Union of European Football Associations | Futsal Cup 2011-2017

UEFA Futsal Cup (Seasons): 2008-09

UEFA Futsal Champions League (Seasons):2019-20

FAI Futsal League / Cup

Football Association of Ireland Futsal League & Cup:

FAI Futsal League 2008-2010

Football Association of Ireland | Futsal Cup 2011-2019

FAI U21 Futsal League:2007

FAI Futsal Cup:2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19

Leinster / Dublin Futsal Leagues

Leinster Futsal Leagues:

Leinster Emerald Futsal League 2009-2011

Emerald Futsal League Division 2 2012-13

Emerald Futsal League | 2012-2015

Athletic Union League | Futsal League 2015-2018

Athletic Union League Futsal League:2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19

Munster Futsal Leagues

Floodlit Soccer Waterford Indoor 5s:Spring 2017

Indoor Soccer

Dublin Indoor Sports Indoor Soccer Thursday Mixed Open Grade Season 1 2009-Season 1 2010

Dublin Indoor Sports Thursday Mixed Indoor Football Winter 2014-Season 1 2016

Street Soccer

Ireland National Street Soccer Team 2016

Powerchair Football

Association of Irish Powerchair Football Premier League (Seasons): 2019-20

World Arena Soccer

Arena Soccer was invented in Canada, and is played on a converted Ice Hockey Arena, with walls rather than an out of bounds line. It is primarily played in the Canada, USA & Mexico, where there is a Major Professional League, Major Arena Soccer League.

Arena Soccer Leagues

Major Arena Soccer League 2014-Present

Professional Arena Soccer League 2011-2014

Major Indoor Soccer League 2009-2014