Inline Hockey Ireland Elite League Coed 2017-18

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League Table

Perkele Pelicans1413101524526
Bangor Chiefs1410401127220
Cork Wolfpack149501398119
Dublin Rebels149501398118
Cavan Longford Hawks ##14770908610
Armagh Stars143110731566
Dublin Wolves ##143110821302
Kilkenny Storm ##142120591321

Regular Season Results

DateTeam 1 Team 2 
 Week 6 (Longford)   
30.09.2017Perkele Pelicans11Cavan Longford Hawks5
30.09.2017Dublin Rebels14Dublin Wolves5
30.09.2017Cork Wolfpack13Kilkenny Storm2
30.09.2017Dublin Rebels2Perkele Pelicans17
30.09.2017Cavan Longford Hawks8Cork Wolfpack9
30.09.2017Dublin Wolves16Kilkenny Storm2
 Week 8 (Portadown)   
15.10.2017Bangor Chiefs12Armagh Stars2
15.10.2017Perkele Pelicans15Dublin Wolves5
15.10.2017Armagh Stars8Dublin Rebels14
15.10.2017Dublin Wolves7Bangor Chiefs5
15.10.2017Perkele Pelicans14Dublin Rebels5
 Week 11(Longford)   
04.11.2017Cavan Longford Hawks9Dublin Wolves5
04.11.2017Perkele Pelicans18Armagh Stars1
04.11.2017Dublin Rebels10Bangor Chiefs5
04.11.2017Dublin Wolves13Armagh Stars4
04.11.2017Cavan Longford Hawks12Dublin Rebels9
04.11.2017Bangor Chiefs1Perkele Pelicans6
 Week 11 (Longford)   
05.11.2017Cavan Longford Hawks7Bangor Chiefs6
05.11.2017Kilkenny Storm8Armagh Stars11
05.11.2017Bangor Chiefs7Cork Wolfpack6
05.11.2017Armagh Stars1Cavan Longford Hawks7
05.11.2017Kilkenny Storm1Cork Wolfpack13
 Week 15 (Portadown)   
03.12.2017Armagh Stars3Bangor Chiefs8
03.12.2017Kilkenny Storm6Cavan Longford Hawks12
03.12.2017Armagh Stars5Cork Wolfpack15
03.12.2017Kilkenny Storm4Bangor Chiefs5
03.12.2017Cork Wolfpack12Cavan Longford Hawks2
 Week 19 (Longford)   
14.01.2018Dublin Wolves2Perkele Pelicans14
14.01.2018Dublin Rebels9Cork Wolfpack11
14.01.2018Kilkenny Storm0 #Perkele Pelicans0
14.01.2018Dublin Wolves7Cork Wolfpack18
14.01.2018Dublin Rebels0Kilkenny Storm0 #
 Week 23 (Longford)   
11.02.2018Bangor Chiefs9Cavan Longford Hawks5
11.02.2018Armagh Stars5Kilkenny Storm8
11.02.2018Cork Wolfpack6Bangor Chiefs7
11.02.2018Kilkenny Storm5Dublin Rebels8
11.02.2018Cork Wolfpack11Armagh Stars5
11.02.2018Dublin Rebels9Cavan Longford Hawks8
 Week 29 (Longford)   
24.03.2018Dublin Wolves0 #Cavan Longford Hawks0
24.03.2018Cork Wolfpack4Dublin Rebels8
24.03.2018Perkele Pelicans13Kilkenny Storm2
24.03.2018Dublin Wolves0 #Dublin Rebels0
24.03.2018Cavan Longford Hawks15Kilkenny Storm9
24.03.2018Perkele Pelicans10Cork Wolfpack8
 Week 32 (Portadown)   
15.04.2018Cavan Longford Hawks0 #Armagh Stars0
15.04.2018Perkele Pelicans7Bangor Chiefs8
15.04.2018Kilkenny Storm10Dublin Wolves8
15.04.2018Cavan Longford Hawks0 #Perkele Pelicans0
15.04.2018Armagh Stars17Dublin Wolves8
15.04.2018Bangor Chiefs13Kilkenny Storm2
 Week 34 (Portadown)   
29.04.2018Bangor Chiefs11Dublin Wolves1
29.04.2018Dublin Rebels12Armagh Stars8
29.04.2018Cork Wolfpack2Perkele Pelicans5
29.04.2018Bangor Chiefs15Dublin Rebels6
29.04.2018Cork Wolfpack11Dublin Wolves5
29.04.2018Armagh Stars3Perkele Pelicans22

Playoff Results

DateTeam 1 Team 2 

Points System: 2 Pts Win / 1 Pt Overtime Loss / 0 Pts Loss / -2 Pts Forfeit #

Home Venues

TeamHome Venue
LongfordLongford Inline Rink
PortadownThe Rink, Portadown


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