Inline Hockey Ireland Elite League Coed 2019-20

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Midland Thunder108020644016
Dublin Rebels105230584714
Bangor Chiefs105230564514
Cork Wolfpack12217247628
Killkenny Storm12207354857
Inline Hockey Ireland Elite League Coed 2019-20 [Reference: 3]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1Longford Inline Rink
22.09.2019Midland Thunder4Bangor Chiefs8
22.09.2019Cork Wolfpack6Kilkenny Storm1
22.09.2019Bangor Chiefs6Cork Wolfpack1
22.09.2019Kilkenny Storm5Midland Thunder12
Week 2Portadown Rink
27.10.2019Kilkenny Storm7Dublin Rebels11
27.10.2019Bangor Chiefs4Cork Wolfpack2
27.10.2019Cork Wolfpack3Dublin Rebels6
Week 3Longford Inline Rink
24.11.2019Dublin Rebels2Kilkenny Storm1
24.11.2019Cork Wolfpack7Bangor Chiefs8
24.11.2019Kilkenny Storm5Bangor Chiefs8
24.11.2019Midland Thunder5Cork Wolfpack1
Week 4Longford Inline Rink
14.12.2019Dublin Rebels8Midland Thunder10
14.12.2019Cork Wolfpack6Kilkenny Storm5
14.12.2019Midland Thunder6Dublin Rebels2
14.12.2019Kilkenny Storm6Cork Wolfpack5
Week 5TheRink, Portadown
12.01.2020Bangor Chiefs4Midland Thunder2
12.01.2020Cork Wolfpack1Midland Thunder6
12.01.2020Dublin Rebels5Bangor Chiefs4
Week 6Longford Inline Rink
16.02.2020Kilkenny Storm7Bangor Chiefs8
16.02.2020Kilkenny Storm2Dublin Rebels9
16.02.2020Bangor Chiefs2Dublin Rebels5
16.02.2020Bangor Chiefs4Kilkenny Storm7
Week 7Longford Inline Rink
01.03.2020Dublin Rebels4Cork Wolfpack7
01.03.2020Midland Thunder7Kilkenny Storm2
01.03.2020Cork Wolfpack5Dublin Rebels6
01.03.2020Midland Thunder7Kilkenny Storm6
01.03.2020Midland Thunder5Cork Wolfpack 3
Week 8The Rink, Portadown
05.04.2020Bangor ChiefsDublin Rebels
05.04.2020Dublin RebelsMidland Thunder
05.04.2020Midland ThunderBangor Chiefs
Inline Hockey Ireland Elite League Coed 2019-20 {Reference: 2]


The 2019-20 Inline Hockey Ireland season was cancelled at the beginning of April 2020 due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, which resulted in all sporting fixtures being cancelled. There was one week of matches left in the Elite League, with Midland Thunder leading on 16 Points, followed by Dublin Rebels and Bangor Chiefs on 14 points.

With all to play for the three teams were due to play each other once on the 5th April 2020, which was t be followed by the Playoffs on 2nd to 3rd of May, featuring the top four teams. Cork Wolfpack had finished fourth with 8 points, andKilkenny Storm fifth on 7 points.

The Inline Hockey Ireland leagues are Coed (Mixed) and players play on Inline Skates, where the four wheels are arranged in a line like an Ice Skate, as opposed to quads like in Roller Skates, where the four wheels are at the four corners.



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Thanks to Richard Declan Mulcahy, Hugh Mulcahy, Aoife Mulcahy and Niall McEvoy.

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