Intercontinental Football League College and Air Force Games 1972-1973


IFL 1972 College GameRhein-Main, Germany
25.11.1972Air Force All-Stars42Rota Naval Base Admirals7
IFL 1973 Turkey BowlRhein-Main, Germany
22.11.1973U Rhode Island Rams34USAFE All-Stars6
Intercontinental Football League College and Air Force Games 1972-1973 [Ref: 1-2]


The Intercontinental Football League was the National Football League’s first attempt at starting Professional Football outside North America.

It started after the film M*A*S*H became a worldwide hit in 1970, with its’ climactic ball game between the 4077th and 325th EVAC. There was enough interest for people to start clubs, and in 1973 Bob Kap, who had introduced professional Soccer to sceptical Texans, decided to try and sell Professional American Football to Europeans.

The first games were matches between visiting US Colleges and Air force teams stationed in Europe during the Cold War, and playing in the United States Air Force in Europe League (USAFE) the matches were promoted as “Turkey Bowls”, taking place as they did on Thanksgiving.

The Air Force All-Stars a visiting College team from USA in 1972 and the University of Rhode Island Rams, also a visiting American College team in 1973, both beat their USAFE counterparts in the matches staged in Rhein-Main, Germany.

The next step for Bob Kapp and the Intercontinental Football League wasto be the establishment of a Professional League in Europe.


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