Intercontinental Football League European Championship 1977

IFL European Championship 1977

Newton Nite Hawks (C)5500126411.000
Chicago Lions505041126.000
Intercontinental Football League European Championship Final Standings 1977 [Ref: 1-2]

Note: The IFL European Championship of 1977 was a 5-game tour by two Chicagoland League Semi-Pro teams.


Game 1Versailles, France
02.06.1977Newton Nite Hawks26Chicago Lions6
Game 2Lille, France
06.1977Newton Nite Hawks15Chicago Lions13
Game 3Kaiserslautern, Germany
09.06.1977Newton Nite Hawks26Chicago Lions16
Game 4Graz, Austria
14.06.1977Newton Nite Hawks29Chicago Lions6
Game 5Vienna, Austria
06.1977Newton Nite Hawks30Chicago Lions0
Intercontinental Football League Results 1977 [Ref: 1-2]


The second Intercontinental Football League season in Europe was again a six-game tour by two North American Football teams, this time Semi-Pro teams the Newton Nite Hawks and Chicago Lions from the Chicagoland League.

The games were all big wins for the Nite Hawks, played in Versailles and Lille (France), Kaiserslautern (Germany) and Graz and Vienna in Austria. Even though the League and Tour lost a substantial amount of money, it was to return for one more season in 1978.


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