International Champions Cup (Soccer) 2019

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International Champions Cup Logo [Reference: 7]

Final Table

Benfica (Por) (C)33000619
Atletico Madrid (Spa)32100948
Manchester United (Eng)32100538
Arsenal (Eng)32010737
Bayern Munich (Ger)32001536
Tottenham Hotspur (Eng)31011554
Inter Milan (Ita)30111233
Fiorentina (Ita)31002363
Real Madrid (Spa)301026122
Juventus (Ita)30011461
AC Milan (Ita)30012241
Chivas de Gauadalajara (Mex)30012151
International Champions Cup (Soccer) 2019 [Reference: Compiled from: 1-5]


16.07.2019Fiorentina2Chivas Gauadalajara1
17.09.2019Arsenal2Bayern Munich1
20.09.2019Benfica3Chivas Guadalajara0
20.07.2019Bayern Munich3Real Madrid1
23.07.2019Real Madrid2 (3p)Arsenal2 (2p)
23.07.2019Bayern Munich1AC Milan0
23.07.2019Atletico Madrid0 (5p)Chivas Guadalajara0 (4p)
2019Atletico Madrid7Real Madrid3
2019Benfica1AC Milan0
China & Singapore
20.07.2019Manchester United1Inter Milan0
21.07.2019Tottenham Hotspur3Juventus2
24.07.2019Juventus1 (4p)Inter Milan1 (3p)
25.07.2019Manchester United2Tottenham Hotspur1
03.08.2019Manchester United2 (5p)AC Milan2 (p)
04.08.2019Inter Milan1 (4p)Tottenham Hotspur1 (3p)
10.08.2019Atletico Madrid2Juventus1
International Champions Cup (Soccer) 2019 [Reference: Compiled from: 1-5]


12 teams entered the International Champions Cup in 2019 – a preseason Soccer Tournament held in USA, China and Singapore – with each team playing a 3-game schedule. Benfica of Portugal won the Cup with three wins from three games, easily defeating Chivas Guadaljara of Mexico and Fiorentina and AC Milan of Italy. Atletico Madrid came second with two wins and a penalties victory in their three matches, including a 7-3 thriller against rivald Real Madrid. Manchester United also had two win and a penalties victory to finish third, Inter Milan and Tottenham Hotspur their two victims, while it required penalties to defeat AC Milan. England’s Arsenal finished fourth and German side Bayern Munich finished fifth.

About the International Champions Cup

The International Champions Cup is a Preseason Tournament involving top European and Latin American teams played over the summer each year since 2013 in USA, Canada, China and Singapore [Reference: 6]



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