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Ireland Connections E-Football

E-Football Ireland

Madden NFL Console Game, Fantasy Football and Prediction Leagues are popular forms of E-Football.

Madden NFL Console Games

Madden NFL is a Computer Console American Football game for one or more players, played on a Playstation or Xbox. There is an American Football Ireland Madden Championship (started in 2020) as well as Irish Leagues, and teams playing as the Dublin teams players can relocate an NFL team to in Madden NFL (see the Relocation Football League).

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is a Computer Game whereby players score points based on how real NFL players have performed in NFL games. Players join Leagues and then draft NFL players before the season begins. Leagues are NFL-managed, or managed by individual players, the latter often based on a theme, such as an Irish League or World League, the results of which have been recorded below. There also non-NFL Leagues (eg. Irish Fantasy League of American Football – Pre-NFL Fantasy Football League)