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Ireland Water Polo Men’s National League Division 1 2016-2020

Ireland Water Polo Logo [Reference: 1]

IWP MNL Division 1 2016-17

St. Vincent’s (C)1414002209442
Cathal Brugha14110315311033
Half Moon1490518014727
North Dublin1460814614018
Setanta (R)142012891676
Ireland Water Polo Men’s National League Division 1 2016-2017 [Reference: 2]

Clonard finish 4th on head-to-head results vs North Dublin (8-4, 13-14)Corrib finish 6th on head-to-head results vs Sandycove (14-11, 9-10) [Reference: 2]

Promoted from Division 2 for 2017-18: Cu Chulainn.

IWP MNL Division 1 2017-18

St. Vincent’s (C)14102215411232
Cathal Brugha1490519011327
North Dublin1490514611827
Half Moon1451812615516
Cu Chulainn14311010015110
Clonard (R)141013941673
Ireland Water Polo Men’s National League Division 1 2017-2018 [Reference: 3]

Promoted from Division 2 for 2019-19: No Promotion.

IWP MNL Division 1 2018-19

St. Vincent’s (C)1211011268733
Cathal Brugha1291216211728
North Dublin1251611010616
Half Moon1251611813716
Cu Chulainn123091031359
Corrib #12021099144-2
Ireland Water Polo Men’s National League Division 1 2017-2018 [Reference: 4]

Promoted from Division 2 for 2019-20: Clonard (No relegation from Division 1 to bring numbers back up to 8 for 2019-20 season).

IWP MNL Division 1 2019-20

St. Vincent’s109011186127
Cathal Brugha1281317010825
North Dublin96121178319
Cu Chulainn133288713311
Half Moon1031611215010
Ireland Water Polo Men’s National League Division 1 Table 2019-20 Reference: [5]


St. Vincent’s were Ireland Water Polo Men’s National League Division 1 Champions three years running from 2016-17 to 2018-19, and were two points in front with two games in hand in 2019-20 when the season was cancelled on 7 March 2020 due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.

Cathal Brugha from Belfast were their nearest challengers during this time finishing in second place on three occasions. Galway’s Corrib were the runners-up on the other occasion (2017-18).

In 2019-20 three teams were from Dublin (National Aquatic Centre Blachardstown Pool); St. Vincent’s, North Dublin, Half Moon and Sandycove; three from the Greater Belfast Area (Lisburn-Castlereagh Pool): Cathal Brugha, Cu Chulainn, Clonard and Setanta; and one from Galway (NUI Galway Pool): Corrib.

Home Pool

TeamHome Pool *
Cathal BrughaLisburn / Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre, Castlereagh
ClonardLisburn / Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre, Castlereagh
CorribNUI Galway
Cu ChulainnLisburn / Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre, Castlereagh
Half MoonNational Aquatic Centre, Blanchardstown
North DublinNational Aquatic Centre, Blanchardstown
SandycoveNational Aquatic Centre, Blanchardstown
St. Vincent’sNational Aquatic Centre, Blanchardstown
SetantaLisburn / Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre, Castlereagh
Ireland Water Polo Men’s National League Division 1 Home Pools 2019-20 [Ref: 2;4]

Note: * Home Pool for Matches — Training Venue varies.



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