Irish American Football Association DV8 Blitzes 2007

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Composite Standings

Northern Ireland Teams
Belfast Trojans3300  6
Carrickfergus Knights3111  3
Belfast Bulls3012  2
Craigavon Cowboys3021  1
Republic of Ireland Teams
Cork Admirals 2nds22007004
Edenderry Soldiers10100280
Dublin Dragons 2nds10100420
Tallaght Outlaws 2nds
DV8s Tournaments Composite Standings 2007 [Reference: compiled from 1-3]

2 September 2007, Edenderry, Co. Offaly

Christy Farrell Memorial Tournament
Cork Admirals 2nds (C)22007004
Edenderry Soldiers10100280
Dublin Dragons 2nds10100420
Craigavon Cowboys
Tallaght Outlaws 2nds
Edenderry 8s Christy Farrell Memorial Tournament Standings 2007 [Reference: 1-2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
02.09.2007Edenderry Soldiers0Cork Admirals28
02.09.2007Cork Admirals42Dublin Dragons0
02.09.2007Cork AdmiralscTallaght Outlawsc
Edenderry 8s Christy Farrell Memorial Tournament Results 2007 [Reference: 1-2]

16 September 2007, Carrickfergus

Belfast Trojans (C)3300  6
Carrickfergus Knights3111  3
Belfast Bulls3012  2
Craigavon Cowboys3021  1
DV8 Blitz Standings 2007 [Reference: 3]


Cork Admirals 2nds won the Christy Farrell Memorial Tournament on 2nd September 2007, held in Edenderry Rugby Club, Co. Offaly. They beat the Edenderry Soldiers 26-0 in the opening game and then defeated Dublin dragons 2nds 42-0. They were scheduled to take part in a third match against the Tallaght Outlaws 2nds but a combination of a serious injury to a player and the torrential rain making the playing surface unsafe led to the rest of the tournament being cancelled and the Admirals declared winners.

There was a second DV8s Charity Tournament in Carrickfergus on the16 September, with four Northern teams – Belfast Bulls 2nds, Belfast Trojans 2nds, Carrickfergus Knights 2nds and Craigavon Cowboys – taking part. The Belfast Trojans won all three matches, in what was the Craigavon cowboys last DV8 Blitz before making the step up to the full 11-a-side Irish American Football League in 2008.


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Thanks to Tim Leadingham, Tallaght Outlaws.

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