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Irish American Football Association DV8 Challenge 1998-2003

Irish American Football association Logo 2001-2003 [Ref: 10]

IAFA 7-a-Side Blitz 1998

*Carrickfergus Knights22002601.000
Queens University Belfast Broncos211026.500
Belfast Lasers2020022.000
American Football Association of Ireland 7-a-side Blitz Final Standings 1998.

IAFA DV8 Challenge 2002

Dublin Dragons220028201.000
Dublin Rebels21104840.500
University of Limerick Vikings101006.000
Cork Admirals10101828.000
Irish American Football Association DV8 Challenge Standings 2002 [Ref: Compiled from: 3-7]

IAFL Division 2 2003

Division 2 Teams       
Belfast Bulls53206688.600
Craigavon Cowboys52309464.400
University of Limerick Vikings303047100.000
Division 1 Teams       
Cork Admirals3300100471.000
Carrickfergus Knights220056221.000
Dublin Rebels21102832.500
Dublin Dragons20201250.000
Irish American Football Association Division 2 Standings 2003 [Ref: compiled from: 8-9]


Carrickfergus Knights, Queens University Belfast Broncos and Belfast Lasers played in a three-team 7-a-side Blitz in Queens University on the 20th September 1998, with the Knights coming out on top, winning both games. The Belfast Lasers, playing in their first ever Tournament, finished bottom.

A series of Challenge matches were played by Irish American Football League teams in 2002, which were 8-a-side matches played under DV8 rules. They did not count in the standings, and the Dublin Dragons won twice, against Dublin Rebels and University of Limerick Vikings, with the Rebels winning a third match, against Cork Admirals.

In 2003 a new 8-v-8 Division 2 was created to help new teams gain experience while building up their numbers. Cork Admirals, who had played DV8 Football in 2002 moved up to Division 1 (full 11-a-side American Football), and the University of Limerick Vikings dropped down to Division 2 in order to rebuild.

Teams were divided into division 2 teams, who played each other once as well as three matches against Division 1 teams, which didn’t count in the standings of the Division 1 teams. Division 1 teams in Division would essentially have been 2nds teams, used by Division 1 teams to help get new players match experience. The Division 2 title was won by Belfast Bulls with a 3-2 record. Cork Admirals and Carrickfergus Knights could claim to have shared the unofficial Division 1 2nds teams title having gone undefeated.



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Thanks to Cillian Smith, Michael Smith and Ralph Schmeer of the Irish American Football Association and Irish American Football Officials Association, and Sean Douglas, Dublin Rebels.

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