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Irish American Football Association DV8 Development League – 1st and 2nds Teams Standings 2008-2012

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IAFL DV8 Development League 2008

*Cork Admirals 2nds651014525525
*Dublin Rebels 2nds651017627424
Craigavon Cowboys651022870424
Dublin Dragons6240149197311
TCD Thunderbolts61507919215
Edenderry Soldiers60603228211


 Home Team Away Team 
 2008Cork Admirals 2nds30Dublin Rebels 2nds0

IAFL DV8 Development League 2009

*Craigavon Cowboys862023658832
Trinity College Dublin #871027934731
UCD Sentinels #8620202115525
Dublin Dragons8350119144315
Erris Rams82604924019
Midlands Soldiers8080629311
[Reference: 3-4]

IAFL DV8 Development League 2010

1st Teams
*Tullamore Phoenix7250  7
Erris Rams #3120  1
IT Carlow Chargers1010  0
2nds Teams
Craigavon Cowboys 2nds3300  6
Carrickfergus Knights 2nds2200  4
Dublin Rebels 2nds1100  2
University College Dublin 2nds2110  2
Trinity College Dublin 2nds1010  0


Note: IT Carlow Chargers pulled out of the League after losing their sponsor.

Note 2: Blitz 18th July 2010: 2 Pts First (Craigavon) / 1 Pt Second (UCD) / 0 Pts 3rd (Tullamore)

IAFL DV8 Development League 2011

1st Teams
*Tullamore Phoenix6510  10
Drogheda Lightning5230  4
Trim Bulldogs6060  0
2nds Teams
Carrickfergus Knights 2nds2200  4
Craigavon Cowboys 2nds2200  4
Dublin Dragons 2nds3120  2


IAFL DV8 Development League 2012

1st Teams
*Drogheda Lightning8431  9
Trim Bulldogs7340  6
2nds Teams
Belfast Trojans 2nds5401  9
Craigavon Cowboys 2nds5410  8
Carrickfergus Knights 2nds3210  4
Dublin Dragons 2nds6060  0
Tullamore Phoenix 2nds2020  0


Points System:

2008-2009: 4 Pts Win / 2 Pts Tie / 0 Pts Loss / 1 Bonus Point for Scoring 3 Touchdowns / 1 Bonus Point for coming within 6 points of winner.[3]2010: 2 Pts Win / 1 Pt Loss / 0 Pts Forfeit #

2011-2012: 2 Pts Win / 1 Pt Tie / 0 Pts Loss


This article takes a look at how the DV8 Development League Standings would have looked if there were separate standings kept for 1st Teams and 2nds teams as in the IAFL Division 2 in 2003. In general 1st Teams played a full schedule of 6-8 games and 2nds teams a half shedule of 2-3 games.

Tullamore Phoenix won the 1st teams title using this method in 2010 and 2011 as they did the overall Development League title those years. Drogheda Lightning had the best record in 2012 overall but there was no clear winner with four teams on 4 wins including Trim Bulldogs victory over Drogheda in the Moneygall American Festival which was not counted in the standings.

The unofficial 2nds title could have been shared between Craigavon Cowboys 2nds and Carrickfergus Knights 2nds in 2010 and 2011, with both teams undefeated, and then in 2012 Belfast Trojans 2nds shade it over Craigavon Cowboys 2nds with a recordof 4-0-1 compared to the Cowboys 2nds 4-1-0.


The DV8 Development League was an 8-a-side fully kitted league and was set up in 2008 with two main aims: (1) To give teams in the Irish Regions a chance to play Competitive Football while building up their kit & player numbers and (2) to enable 2nds teams of bigger IAFL teams in the main league to field 2nds teams. 

From 2008-2009 each team played a full schedule (6 games in 2008 & 8 games in 2009) and from 2010-2012 teams from the Irish Regions played a full schedule and 2nds teams played a half or three-quarter schedule.

In 2013 the League became a full 11-a-side second Division known as the IAFL 1 Conference. The DV8 format was kept for a third level over the Winter months of 2012-13 (playing in Blitzes) and following formation of the IAFL 2 Conference in 2014, the format was used for the Junior Kitted League.



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Thanks to Cillian Smith, Michael Smith, Ralph Schmeer and Michael Brophy of the Irish American Football Association and Irish American Football Officials Association.

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