Irish American Football Association DV8 Development League 2008

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League Table

*Cork Admirals 2nds651014525525
*Dublin Rebels 2nds651017627424
Craigavon Cowboys651022870424
Dublin Dragons6240149197311
TCD Thunderbolts61507919215
Edenderry Soldiers60603228211

Note: 4 Pts Win. 1 Bonus Point for scoring three touchdowns. 1 Bonus Point for losing by less than 7 Points. Teams can gain two Bonus Points in one match.

Playoff Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
08.2008Cork Admirals 2nds30Dublin Rebels 2nds0

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
09.03.08Craigavon Cowboys67Edenderry Soldiers6
 Week 3   
20.03.08Cork Admirals 2nds22Edenderry Soldiers0
 Week 5   
05.04.08Craigavon Cowboys45TCD Thunderbolts12
06.04.08Cork Admirals 2nds24Dublin Dragons0
 Week 7   
19.04.08TCD Thunderbolts8Craigavon Cowboys52
19.04.08Dublin Dragons34Edenderry Soldiers6
20.04.08Dublin Rebels 2nds12Cork Admirals 2nds6
 Week 8   
28.04.08Edenderry Soldiers0Dublin Rebels 2nds65
 Week 9   
04.05.08Dublin Rebels 2nds39TCD Thunderbolts8
 Week 10   
11.05.08TCD Thunderbolts51Dublin Dragons20
 Week 11   
18.05.08TCD Thunderbolts0Cork Admirals 2nds14
 Week 12   
25.05.08TCD Thunderbolts0Dublin Rebels 2nds22
25.05.08Edenderry Soldiers20Dublin Dragons60
 Week 13   
01.06.08Dublin Dragons13Craigavon Cowboys51
 Week 14   
08.06.08Craigavon Cowboys0Dublin Rebels 2nds25
 Week 15   
14.06.08Dublin Dragons13Cork Admirals 2nds45
14.06.08Dublin Rebels 2nds6Craigavon Cowboys13
 Week 16   
06.07.08Edenderry Soldiers0Cork Admirals 2nds34


TeamHome Ground
Craigavon CowboysBrownlow Sports Complex, Craigavon
Cork Admirals 2nds

Douglas Community School, Cork

Carrigaline Rugby Club, Cork

Dublin Dragons

ALSAA, Dublin Airport

Lucan Community College, Co. South Dublin

Dublin Rebels 2ndsSportslink, Dublin
Edenderry SoldiersEdenderry FC, Edenderry, Co. Offaly
TCD Thunderbolts

Lucan Community College, Co. South Dublin

Tallaght RFC pitch at National Basketball Arena, Tallaght


The first DV8 Development League was extremely competitive, with Cork Admirals 2nds, Dublin Rebels 2nds and Craigavon Cowboys all finishing on 5-1 Records. The Admirals and Rebels qualified for the Final, which was won by the Admirals 2nds 30-0.

Dublin Dragons dropped down to the DV8 Development League in order to rebuild and managed two wins against newcomers Edenderry Soldiers from Co. Offaly. The other new team, Trinity College Dublin Thunderbolts won one game against the Dragons.


The DV8 Development League was an 8-a-side fully kitted league and was set up in 2008 with two main aims: (1) To give teams in the Irish Regions a chance to play Competitive Football while building up their kit & player numbers and (2) to enable 2nds teams of bigger IAFL teams in the main league to field 2nds teams. 



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