Irish American Football Association DV8 Development League 2012

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League Table

*Drogheda Lightning8431  9
Belfast Trojans 2nds5401  9
Craigavon Cowboys 2nds5410  8
Trim Bulldogs7340  6
Carrickfergus Knights 2nds3210  4
Dublin Dragons 2nds6060  0
Tullamore Phoenix 2nds2020  0


Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
06.03.12Trim Bulldogs26Drogheda Lightning32
 Week 2   
13.05.12Belfast Trojans 2nds33Trim Bulldogs19
 Week 3 (Boyne) 
17.06.12Trim Bulldogs20Dublin Dragons 2nds8
17.06.12Drogheda Lightning12Craigavon Cowboys 2nds48
 Week 4 (Drogheda) 
22.07.12Drogheda Lightning31Dublin Dragons 2nds6
22.07.12Craigavon Cowboys 2nds18Belfast Trojans 2nds27
 Week 5 (Boyne) 
29.07.12Drogheda Lightning20Carrickfergus Knights 2nds34
29.07.12Trim Bulldogs6Dublin Dragons 2nds0
 Week 6 (Portadown) 
05.08.12Drogheda Lightning6Belfast Trojans 2nds49
05.08.12Craigavon Cowboys 2nds62Trim Bulldogs12
 Week 7 (Drogheda) 
12.08.12Tullamore Phoenix 2nds0Carrickfergus Knights 2nds14
12.08.12Drogheda Lightning24Dublin Dragons 2nd6
 Week 8 (Belfast) 
19.08.12Trim Bulldogs21Drogheda Lightning31
19.08.12Belfast Trojans 2nds41Carrickfergus Knights 2nds0
 Week 9 (Trim GAA) 
26.08.12Trim Bulldogs21Tullamore Phoenix 2nds14
26.08.12Dublin Dragons 2nds0Craigavon Cowboys 2nds21


2 Pts Win / 1 Pts Tie / 0 Loss / *Champions

Home Venues

TeamHome Venue
Belfast Trojans 2ndsShorts S&R Club, Belfast
Carrickfergus Knights 2nds 
Craigavon Cowboys 2ndsPortadown
Drogheda LightningSt. Oliver’s Community Centre, Drogheda, Co. Louth
Dublin Dragons 2nds 
Trim BulldogsBoyne Community College, Co. Meath / Trim GAA, Co. Meath
Tullamore Phoenix 2nds 



Drogheda Lightning won the Dv8 Development League with 9 Points. Both the Lightning and Trim Bulldogs played a full schedule while the 2nds teams played a half- or three-quarter- schedule. The Lightning won both games against both Trim Bulldogs & Dublin Dragons 2nds, but lost matches against the three 2nds teams from Ulster.

Team Changes from 2011

The Tullamore Phoenix made the step up the the full 11-a-side IAFL to be replaced by their 2nds team. The Belfast Trojans 2nds team were a new entry.


The DV8 Development League was an 8-a-side fully kitted league and was set up in 2008 with two main aims: (1) To give teams in the Irish Regions a chance to play Competitive Football while building up their kit & player numbers and (2) to enable 2nds teams of bigger IAFL teams in the main league to field 2nds teams. 



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Thanks to Joe Grey, Dublin Dragons & Sean Douglas, Dublin Rebels.

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