Irish American Football Association Irish Flag Football League Emerald Bowl Conference 2017

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Final League Table

*Craigavon Cowboys8701-129611921
*Westmeath Minotaurs8521-128014115
*Dublin Vipers8530-121518514
*Edenderry Eagles8431-329715510
North Kildare Reapers8431-323618110
Dublin Rebels8170-3912870
South Dublin Panthers8080-365412-3


Points System: 3 Pts Win / 1 Pt Tie / 0 Pts Loss / -1 Pt Forfeit # / -1 Pt Not providing officials for a round of fixtures #

*Qualify for Semi-Finals

Playoff Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
05.08.2017Craigavon Cowboys46Edenderry Eagles50
05.08.2017Westmeath Minotaurs26Dublin Vipers51
 3rd Place   
05.08.2017Craigavon Cowboys31Westmeath Minotaurs39
 Emerald Bowl IV   
05.08.2017Dublin Vipers12Edenderry Eagles32


Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1  (Dublin Vipers) 
29.04.17Westmeath Minotaurs44South Dublin Panthers14
29.04.17Craigavon Cowboys34Dublin Vipers14
29.04.17South Dublin Panthers6North Kildare Reapers59
29.04.17Edenderry Eagles56Dublin Rebels12
29.04.17Dublin Rebels18Westmeath Minotaurs54
29.04.17North Kildare Reapers33Craigavon Cowboys52
29.04.17Dublin Vipers0 #Edenderry Eagles30
 Week 2  (Westmeath Minotaurs) 
13.05.17North Kildare Reapers30Dublin Rebels0 #
13.05.17Dublin Vipers56Westmeath Minotaurs33
13.05.17South Dublin Panthers6Edenderry Eagles95
13.05.17Edenderry Eagles34North Kildare Reapers34
13.05.17Westmeath Minotaurs31Craigavon Cowboys41
13.05.17Dublin Rebels0 #Dublin Vipers30
13.05.17Craigavon Cowboys58South Dublin Panthers26
13.05.17North Kildare Reapers58Dublin Vipers20
 Week 3  (Craigavon Cowboys) 
10.06.17Edenderry Eagles0 #Craigavon Cowboys28
10.06.17North Kildare Reapers0 #Westmeath Minotaurs28
10.06.17Dublin Rebels28South Dublin Panthers0 #
10.06.17Dublin Vipers28North Kildare Reapers0 #
10.06.17Westmeath Minotaurs28Edenderry Eagles0 #
10.06.17South Dublin Panthers0 #Dublin Vipers28
 Week 4  (Dublin Rebels) 
15.07.17Craigavon Cowboys0 #Westmeath Minotaurs0 #
15.07.17Edenderry Eagles32Dublin Vipers41
15.07.17South Dublin Panthers7Craigavon Cowboys40
15.07.17Dublin Rebels13North Kildare Reapers24
15.07.17Edenderry Eagles52South Dublin Panthers6
15.07.17Craigavon Cowboys43Dublin Rebels8
15.07.17Westmeath Minotaurs54Dublin Rebels12


Home Venues

TeamHome Venue
Craigavon CowboysPeople’s Park, Portadown, Co. Armagh, Banbridge & Craigavon
Dublin RebelsThree Rock Rovers HC, Rathfarnham, Co. South Dublin
Dublin VipersSt. MacDara’s CC, Templeogue, Co. South Dublin
Westmeath MinotaursMullingar RFC, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath




Emerald Bowl Playoffs: Edenderry eagles upset the odds to become Emerald Bowl IV Champions. They are the fourth different team to have wwon an Emerald Bowl in the four years of the competition. They beat Undefeated regular-season Champions Craigavon Cowboys in the Semi-Finals, before defeating Dublin Vipers 32-12 in the Final.[6]




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Thanks to Joe Gray, Dublin Vipers.

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