Irish American Football Association Irish Flag Football League Emerald Bowl Conference 2018

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League Table

EBC North        
*Craigavon Cowboys1090146616028
*Belfast Knights1072133718522
*Belfast Trojans1073030919121
Ulster Elks10280-31623603
NI Razorbacks100100-596414-5
EBC East        
*Louth Mavericks1073032625121
Dublin Bay Raptors1064028823318
University College Dublin1054135926016
Dublin Rebels1045115823713
South Dublin Panthers102801632846
EBC West        
*Trinity College Dublin10100047713930
Westmeath Minotaurs10640-337818215
Meath Bulldogs1036117727311
Maynooth Hurricanes103701313359
Cill Dara Reapers100100703960
EBC South        
*Edenderry Eagles1091045216427
University College Cork1073029317821
University of Limerick Vikings1045123131014
Cork City Cosmos101901404613


Points System: 3 Pts Win / 2 Pts Tie / 0 Pts Loss / -1 Pt Forfeit # / -1 Pt Not providing officials for a round of fixtures #

* Qualify for Semi-Finals

Playoff Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Wildcard Round   
01.12.18Louth Mavericks39Belfast Knights25
01.12.18Edenderry Eagles33Belfast Trojans13
01.12.18Craigavon Cowboys39Edenderry Eagles16
01.12.18Trinity College Dublin13Louth Mavericks31
 Emerald Bowl V   
01.12.18Craigavon Cowboys18Louth Mavericks12


Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1 (NI Razorbacks) 
01.09.18Craigavon Cowboys41Belfast Trojans26
01.09.18NI Razorbacks19Craigavon Cowboys77
01.09.18Belfast Trojans54NI Razorbacks26
 Week 1 (Cork City) 
01.09.18Edenderry Eagles38UL Vikings32
01.09.18UL Vikings52Cork City Cosmos22
01.09.18Cork City Cosmos6Edenderry Eagles64
 Week 2 (Craigavon) 
08.09.18Belfast Knights33Belfast Trojans28
08.09.18Craigavon Cowboys39Belfast Knights7
08.09.18Belfast Trojans12Craigavon Cowboys33
 Week 2 (Louth) 
08.09.18Dublin Rebels0Dublin Bay Raptors55
08.09.18Louth Mavericks14Dublin Rebels12
08.09.18Dublin Bay Raptors40Louth Mavericks37
 Week 3 (Westmeath) 
15.09.18Cill Dara Reapers8Meath Bulldogs14
15.09.18Westmeath Minotaurs78Cill Dara Reapers0
15.09.18Meath Bulldogs0Westmeath Minotaurs54
 Week 4 (UL Vikings) 
22.09.18University College Cork44Cork City Cosmos28
22.09.18UL Vikings24University College Cork19
22.09.18Cork City Cosmos24UL Vikings55
 Week 4 (UCD) 
22.09.18South Dublin Panthers6Dublin Rebels34
22.09.18University College Dublin32South Dublin Panthers31
22.0918Dublin Rebels20University College Dublin20
 Week 5 (UCD) 
29.09.18University College Dublin35Dublin Bay Raptors38
29.09.18Cork City Cosmos18Belfast Trojans44
29.09.18Belfast Trojans28Ulster Elks0 #
29.09.18Dublin Bay Raptors25Craigavon Cowboys26
29.09.18Craigavon Cowboys56Cork City Cosmos6
29.09.18Ulster Elks0 #University College Dublin28
 Week 6 (Ulster Elks) 
06.10.18NI Razorbacks19Belfast Knights45
06.10.18Ulster Elks36NI Razorbacks6
06.10.18Belfast Knights46Ulster Elks20
 Week 6 (Westmeath) 
06.10.18Meath Bulldogs8Trinity College Dublin25
06.10.18Westmeath Minotaurs43Meath Bulldogs25
06.10.18Trinity College Dublin33Westmeath Minotaurs24
 Week 6 (UCD) 
06.10.18Dublin Rebels16Louth Mavericks13
06.10.18University College Dublin67Dublin Rebels20
06.10.18Louth Mavericks40University College Dublin39
 Week 7 (Maynooth) 
13.10.18Belfast Knights28NI Razorbacks0 #
13.10.18Maynooth Hurricanes6Westmeath Minotaurs63
13.10.18NI Razorbacks0 #Belfast Trojans28
13.10.18Trinity College Dublin45Maynooth Hurricanes26
13.10.18Belfast Trojans13Belfast Knights6
13.10.18Westmeath Minotaurs36Trinity College Dublin37
 Week 7 (UCC) 
13.10.18Edenderry Eagles56University College Cork8
13.10.18UL Vikings0Edenderry Eagles54
13.10.18University College Cork26UL Vikings6
 Week 8 (NI Razorbacks) 
20.10.18Craigavon Cowboys57NI Razorbacks6
20.10.18NI Razorbacks20Ulster Elks33
20.10.18Ulster Elks14Craigavon Cowboys59
 Week 8 (UL Vikings) 
20.10.18Maynooth Hurricanes0 #Meath Bulldogs28
20.10.18UL Vikings28Maynooth Hurricanes0 #
20.10.18Meath Bulldogs28UL Vikings28
 Week 8 (Edenderry) 
20.10.18Edenderry Eagles52Dublin Bay Raptors28
20.10.18Dublin Bay Raptors0University College Dublin44
20.10.18University College Dublin32Edenderry Eagles48
 Week 9 (Cill Dara) 
27.10.18Trinity College Dublin52Meath Bulldogs18
27.10.18Meath Bulldogs32Cill Dara Reapers6
27.10.18Cill Dara Reapers0Trinity College Dublin47
 Week 9 (South Dublin) 
27.10.18South Dublin Panthers27Louth Mavericks37
27.10.18NI Razorbacks0 #South Dublin Panthers28
27.10.18Belfast Trojans32University College Cork27
27.10.18South Dublin Panthers44Ulster Elks26
27.10.18University College Cork28NI Razorbacks0 #
27.10.18Ulster Elks7Belfast Trojans44
 Week 10 (Cork City) 
03.11.18Edenderry Eagles28Cork City Cosmos0
03.11.18University College Cork33Edenderry Eagles26
03.11.18Cork City Cosmos6University College Cork46
 Week 11 (Maynooth) 
10.11.18Meath Bulldogs6Maynooth Hurricanes19
10.11.18Cork City Cosmos6Belfast Knights54
10.11.18Cill Dara Reapers18Cork City Cosmos24
10.11.18Edenderry Eagles38Meath Bulldogs18
10.11.18Maynooth Hurricanes7Edenderry Eagles48
10.11.18Belfast Knights45Cill Dara Reapers13
 Week 11 (UCC) 
10.11.18Louth Mavericks13Trinity College Dublin52
10.11.18Dublin Rebels0University College Cork34
10.11.18Westmeath Minotaurs0Dublin Rebels28
10.11.18Trinity College Dublin52UL Vikings0
10.11.18University College Cork28Westmeath Minotaurs0
10.11.18UL Vikings6Louth Mavericks47
 Week 12 (Craigavon) 
17.11.18Belfast Knights33Craigavon Cowboys33
17.11.18Ulster Elks14Belfast Knights40
17.11.18Craigavon Cowboys45Ulster Elks12
 Week 12 (Louth) 
17.11.18Maynooth Hurricanes7Cill Dara Reapers6
17.11.18Louth Mavericks44South Dublin Panthers6
17.11.18Cill Dara Reapers6Westmeath Minotaurs34
17.11.18University College Dublin35Louth Mavericks42
17.11.18Westmeath Minotaurs46Maynooth Hurricanes19
17.11.18South Dublin Panthers21University College Dublin27
17.11.18Louth Mavericks39Dublin Bay Raptors18
 Week 13 (Maynooth) 
24.11.18Trinity College Dublin82Cill Dara Reapers0
24.11.18Cill Dara Reapers13Maynooth Hurricanes33
24.11.18Maynooth Hurricanes14Trinity College Dublin52
 Week 13 (South Dublin) 
24.11.18Dublin Bay Raptors28Dublin Rebels0 #
24.11.18Dublin Rebels28South Dublin Panthers0 #
24.11.18South Dublin Panthers0 #Dublin Bay Raptors28
24.11.18Dublin Bay Raptors28South Dublin Panthers0 #


Note: Host team for each round of fixtures in brackets

Home Venues

TeamHome Venue




The 2018 Irish Flag Football League Emerald Bowl Conference featured a record 19 teams – the most ever in an Irish Flag Football League. The teams were divided into 4 divisions (North, South, East and West) with the divisions champions and two next best overall reaching the Playoffs.

The Craigavon Cowboys won their second Emerald Bowl 18-12 over Louth Mavericks.

The season started on September 1 with rounds hosted by NI Razorbacks (2 wins for Craigavon) and Cork City Cosmos (2 wins for Edenderry Eagles). Week 2 saw games played in Craigavon where the Cowboys moved to 4-0 and Dundalk IT (home of the Louth Mavericks) where the Dublin Bay raptors won twice.

Week 3 saw two wins for hosts Westmeath Minotaurs in the West, while Week 4 saw the UL Vikings start of at 2-0 in the South with wins over UCC and Cork City. Dublin Rebels and UCD both picked up wins over South Dublin Panthers in the East.

Week 5 saw a big weekend of games hosted by UCD. The Raptors won again before picking up their first loss by a single point to Craigavon wwho moved to 6-0 with a big win over Cork City Cosmos. Belfast Trojans also picked up two wins on the day.

In Week 6 the Belfast Knights made a move up the North table with wins over NI Razorbacks and Ulster Elks, while in the West Trinity College Dublin started out at 2-0 with wins over Meath Bulldogs and Westmeath Minoaturs. In the East Louth Mavericks, Dublin Rebels and UCD all won one and lost one in games amongst each other in what was proving to be the tightest division to call.

Week 7’s games in Maynooth gave the Belfast Trojans and Trinity College Dublin two more wins each, while in the South Edenderry Eagles made a big move for the Division title with huge wins over UL Vikings and UCC.

There were three host teams for Week 8’s games. Edenderry Eagles gained two more wins at home in Co. Offaly over the Raptors and UCD, who dented Dublin Bay’s hopes with a big win. The games in Limerick were called off after Maynooth University Hurricanes forfeited, and in Northern Ireland Craigavon got two more big wins over NI Razorbacks and Ulster Elks.

In Week 9 Trinity College got two more big wins inn Cill Dara over the Reapers and Meath Bulldogs, while big round of fixtures in Westmannstown (home of the South Dublin Panthers) saw the Louth Mavericks win again, while the Belfast Trojans picked up two valuable wins over UCC and Ulster Elks.

In Week 10 in Cork Edenderry had a hiccup against UCC who came away with two wins, while in Week 11 a big round of fixtures in Maynooth saw the Belfast Knights make a push for the Playoffs with two big wins against Cork City and Cill Dara Reapers. Also in week 11, a big round of fixtures in UCC, saw UCC get two wins over Dublin Rebels and Westmeath Minotaurs while Trinity College continued destroying teams, scoring 52 points against both Louth Mavericks and UL Vikings.

Week 12 saw Belfast Knights and Craigavon Cowboys share the spoils in their game with each other, while both defeated Ulster Elks. In Louth, the hosts picked up 3 vital wins, including one over Dublin Bay Raptors which ultimately decided the division title. Westmeath Minotaurs also picked up two wins.

The Final weeks fixtures saw Trinity College Dublin finish off the regular season as the only team on 10-0 with two big wins over Cill Dara Reapers (82-0) and Maynooth Hurricanes (52-14). Dublin Bay Raptors won all three of their games in South Dublin by forfeit but it was not enough to reach the Playoffs.

The Four Division winners were Craigavon Cowboys (North, 9-0-1), Louth Mavericks (East, 7-3), Trinity College Dublin (West, 10-0) and Edenderry Eagles (South, 9-1). joining them in the Playoffs were Belfast Knights (North, 7-2-1) and Belfast Trojans (North, 7-3). UCC missed out on the Playoffs by 3 Net Points (+115 to the Trojans +118).

In the First Round of the Playoffs, held in the National Sports Campus, Blanchardstown, Dublin, the Louth Mavericks and Edenderry Eagles beat the two Wildcard Belfast teams.

Craigavon Cowboys disposed of Edenderry in the Semi-Finals, while Louth upset TCD. Emerald Bowl V was won by Craigavon 18-12 over Louth Mavericks, thus becoming the first team to win the title twice.




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