Irish American Football Association Irish Flag Football League Emerald Bowl Conference 2019

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*Craigavon Cowboys8710033414921
*Louth Mavericks871002219521
*Dublin Bay Raptors8620031211518
*Edenderry Eagles8530027219615
*Belfast Trojans8440015321312
*Trinity College Dublin8440028917012
Belfast Knights8440019017712
University College Cork835001671999
Westmeath Minotaurs8440-31901919
University College Dublin8251-41332433
Meath Bulldogs8071-1132306-10
Dublin Rebels8062-360211-36

Reference: [1] Points System: 3 Pts Win / 1 Pt Tie / 0 Pts Loss / -1 Pt Forfeit # / -1 Pt Not Providing Officials for a Round of Fixtures. #

Playoff Results

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
Wild-Card RoundNational Sports Campus
02.11.201911:00Dublin Bay Raptors14Trinity College Dublin32
02.11.201911:00Edenderry EaglesBelfast Trojans
Semi-FinalsNational Sports Campus
02.11.201912.15Craigavon Cowboys6Trinity College Dublin26
02.11.201912:15Louth MavericksEdenderry Eagles
Emerald Bowl 6National Sports Campus
02.11.201914:45Trinity College Dublin24Edenderry Eagles54

Reference: [1, 5]

Regular Season Results

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
Week 2People’s Park, Portadown
14.09.19Craigavon Cowboys39Belfast Trojans2
14.09.19Louth Mavericks26Dublin Bay Raptors14
14.09.19Edenderry Eagles50Westmeath Minotaurs44
14.09.19Belfast Knights48Meath Bulldogs26
14.09.19Dublin Bay Raptors35Dublin Rebels0 #
14.09.19Westmeath Minotaurs13Louth Mavericks20
14.09.19Belfast Trojans7Belfast Knights6
14.09.19Dublin Rebels0 #Edenderry Eagles38
14.09.19Meath Bulldogs0Craigavon Cowboys51
Week 3Trinity Sports Grounds
28.09.1911:00Edenderry Eagles26Craigavon Cowboys43
28.09.1911:00Dublin Bay Raptors51Meath Bulldogs0
28.09.1911:00Belfast Trojans33University College Cork12
28.09.1912:15Craigavon Cowboys60University College Dublin18
28.09.1912:15Meath Bulldogs6Trinity College Dublin66
28.09.1912:15Belfast Knights39Edenderry Eagles26
28.09.1913:30University College Dublin21Belfast Knights28
28.09.1913:30Trinity College Dublin33Belfast Trojans34
28.09.1913:30University College Cork6Dublin Bay Raptors52
Week 4National Sports Campus
12.10.1911:00Trinity College Dublin18Craigavon Cowboys31
12.10.19 11:00University College Cork7Louth Mavericks31
12.10.19 11:00Westmeath Minotaurs33Dublin Rebels0 #
12.10.19 12:15Dublin Bay Raptors46University College Dublin14
12.10.19 12:15Louth Mavericks43Belfast Trojans14
12.10.19 12:15Dublin Rebels0 #University College Cork30
12.10.19 13:30Craigavon Cowboys27Dublin Bay Raptors21
12.10.19 13:30Belfast Trojans20Westmeath Minotaurs32
12.10.19 13:30University College Dublin35Trinity College Dublin34
Week 5UCD GAA Astro Pitch, Belfield
19.10.1911:00University College Cork36Edenderry Eagles49
19.10.19 11:00Louth Mavericks32Belfast Knights19
19.10.19 11:00University College Dublin38Westmeath Minotaurs0 #
19.10.19 12:15Edenderry Eagles45University College Dublin7
19.10.19 12:15Dublin Rebels0 #Meath Bulldogs0 #
19.10.19 12:15Belfast Knights7Trinity College Dublin44
19.10.19 13:30Meath Bulldogs0 #Louth Mavericks30
19.10.19 13:30Trinity College Dublin 45Dublin Rebels0 #
19.10.19 13:30Westmeath Minotaurs0 #University College Cork30
19.10.19 13:30University College Cork21Belfast Knights13
Week 6Newbridge College
26.10.1911:00Craigavon Cowboys51University College Cork25
26.10.19 11:00Trinity College Dublin20Louth Mavericks12
26.10.19 11:00Edenderry Eagles30Meath Bulldogs0 #
26.10.19 11:00Belfast Knights30Dublin Rebels0 #
26.10.19 12:15University College Dublin0 #Belfast Trojans30
26.10.19 12:15Westmeath Minotaurs39Craigavon Cowboys32
26.10.19 12:15Dublin Bay Raptors45Trinity College Dublin29
26.10.201912:15University College Cork21Belfast Knights13
26.10.19 13:30Louth Mavericks27Edenderry Eagles8
26.10.19 13:30Belfast Trojans13Dublin Bay Raptors48
26.10.19 13:30Dublin Rebels0 #University College Dublin0 #
26.10.19 13:30Meath Bulldogs0 #Westmeath Minotaurs30
Make-Up Games
14.09.2019Edenderry Eagles38Dublin Bay Raptors35
12.10.2019Westmeath Minotaurs33University College Cork30
19.10.2019Trinity College Dublin45University College Dublin38

Reference: [1]Note: When a team forfeits a round of fixtures the two teams given a waklover play each other, the Points Scored of which are given in their win over the forfeiting team. i.e Dublin Rebels forfeited their Week 2 matches against Edenderry & the Raptors. Edenderry played the Raptors in a make-up game which Edenderry won 38-35, so for the forfeited games Edenderry beat the Rebels 38-0 and Raptors beat Rebels 35-0.

Team Geographic Map

EBC 2019 Ireland Map [3]


Edenderry Eagles won their second Emerald Bowl in three years with a comprehensive 54-24 victory over Trinity College Dublin in the Final. Trinity had been helped by some questionable calls in their playoff match with Dublin Bay Raptors [4], and Louth Mavericks and Craigavon Cowboys, the best teams during the regular season, both faltered in the Semi-Finals, losing to the Edenderry Eagles and Trinity College (26-6) respectively.

Edenderry Eagles – Emerald Bowl Champions 2019 [4]



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Social Media

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Thanks to Bart Barden, Sean Douglas, Heather Foust, Tom Gallagher, Joe Grey, Ken Jackson, Decy Maher, Antony Nardone, Anton Pippo O’Grady, Jonathan Spielberg, Al Timmins, Bri Wallace, Justin Whelan, Todd Zboyan (Dublin Bay Raptors).

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