Irish American Football Association Irish Flag Football League Glas Bowl Conference 2019

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Final Standings

*Louth Mavericks 2nds660002086318
*Cork City Outlaws650102137216
*Craigavon Cowboys 2nds651002134615
*South Dublin Panthers641102468313
*Maynooth University Hurricanes6420023211612
*Belfast Trojans 2nds642001379812
West Dublin Rhinos6321015916110
Ulster University Elks623101251817
University College Cork 2nds61500601763
Downpatrick Saints61500542063
Norton Wasps61500882673
Galway Warriors60600902420
NI Razorbacks6150-3811950

Reference: [1]

* Qualify for Playoffs

Points System: 3 Pts Win / 0 Pts Loss / -1 Pt Forfeit # / -1 Pt Not Providing Officials for a Round of Fixtures #

Playoff Results

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
Wild-Card RoundNational Sports Campus
02.11.201911:00Craigavon Cowboys 2nds26Belfast Trojans 2nds0
02.11.201911:00South Dublin Panthers20Maynooth University Hurricanes26
Semi-FinalsNational Sports Campus
02.11.201912:15Cork City Outlaws14Craigavon Cowboys 2nds19
02.11.201912:15Louth Mavericks 2ndsMaynooth University Hurricanes
Glas Bowl 1National Sports Campus
02.11.201913:30Craigavon Cowboys 2nds30Maynooth University Hurricanes20

Reference: [1, 4-5]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1People’s Park, Portadown
07.09.2019South Dublin Panthers 29NI Razorbacks17
07.09.2019Craigavon Cowboys 2nds34West Dublin Rhinos6
07.09.2019Downpatrick Saints8Louth Mavericks 2nds18
07.09.2019Cork City Outlaws26Downpatrick Saints7
07.09.2019Louth Mavericks 2nds22Belfast Trojans 2nds12
07.09.2019NI Razorbacks64Galway Warriors28
07.09.2019West Dublin Rhinos31Cork City Outlaws50
07.09.2019Belfast Trojans 2nds6Craigavon Cowboys 2nds40
07.09.2019Galway Warriors20South Dublin Panthers46
Week 4Tramore Valley Park
12.10.2019Ulster University Elks13Cork City Outlaws59
12.10.2019 Belfast Trojans 2nds32University College Cork 2nds12
12.10.2019 South Dublin Panthers45Downpatrick Saints6
12.10.2019 Maynooth University Hurricanes12Louth Mavericks 2nds40
12.10.2019 West Dublin Rhinos34Maynooth University Hurricanes28
12.10.2019 Louth Mavericks 2nds70Norton Wasps12
12.10.2019 University College Cork 2nds30NI Razorbacks0 #
12.10.2019 Cork City Outlaws21Galway Warriors0
12.10.2019 Downpatrick Saints27Ulster University Elks26
12.10.2019 NI Razorbacks0 #West Dublin Rhinos38
12.10.2019 Galway Warriors18Belfast Trojans 2nds25
12.10.2019 Norton Wasps0South Dublin Panthers87
Week 5National Sports Campus
19.10.2019Craigavon Cowboys 2nds43University College Cork 2nds0
19.10.2019 South Dublin Panthers25West Dublin Rhinos26
19.10.2019 Ulster University Elks34Galway Warriors18
19.10.2019 Maynooth University Hurricanes45Norton Wasps18
19.10.2019 Cork City Outlaws14South Dublin Panthers14
19.10.2019 West Dublin Rhinos24Ulster University Elks24
19.10.2019 University College Cork 2nds18Maynooth University Hurricanes41
19.10.2019 Galway Warriors6Craigavon Cowboys 2nds52
19.10.2019 Norton Wasps7Cork City Outlaws43
Week 6Dundalk IT Sports Grounds
26.10.2019University College Cork 2nds0 #Norton Wasps30
26.10.2019Ulster University Elks6Belfast Trojans 2nds32
26.10.2019 Maynooth University Hurricanes66Downpatrick Saints6
26.10.2019 Louth Mavericks 2nds30University College Cork 2nds0 #
26.10.2019 NI Razorbacks0Maynooth University Hurricanes40
26.10.2019 Downpatrick Saints0Craigavon Cowboys 2nds25
26.10.2019 Craigavon Cowboys 2nds19Louth Mavericks 2nds28
26.10.2019 Belfast Trojans 2nds30NI Razorbacks0
26.10.2019 Norton Wasps21Ulster University Elks22
Make-Up Game
12.10.2019University College Cork 2nds30West Dublin Rhinos38

Reference: [1]

Note: When a team forfeits a round of fixtures the two teams given a waklover play each other, the Points Scored of which are given in their win over the forfeiting team. i.e Dublin Rebels NI Razorbacks forfeited their Week 2 matches against UCC 2nds & the Rhinos. UCC 2nds played the Rhinos in a make-up game which the Rhinos won 38-30, so for the forfeited games Rhinos beat the Razorbacks 38-0 and UCC 2nds beat Razorbacks 30-0.


Craigavon Cowboys 2nds and Maynooth University Hurricanes both upset higher ranked teams in the playoffs to reach the Final of the inaugural Glas Bowl, the second level of the Irish Flag Football League. The Cowboys won the Bowl 30-20

Craigavon Cowboys 2nds – Glas Bowl Champions 2019 [6]

Team Geographic Map

GBC 2019 Ireland Map [3]



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Thanks to Todd Zboyan, Decy Maher, Sean Douglas, Jonathan Spielberg, Joe Grey, Dublin Bay Raptors.

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