Irish American Football Association Irish League and League of Ireland 1990


NIAFA Irish League
Craigavon Cowboys430054631066321.000
Belfast Spartans321026232101215.667
Coleraine Chieftains1010036010036.000
A26 Bulldogs303029440302944.000
Carrickfergus Cougars00000000000.000
ICAF League of Ireland
Bray Seahawks00000000000.000
Dublin Tornadoes00000000000.000
Lee Valley Steelers00000000000.000
Dublin Celts1000261210026121.000
Irish American Football League Standings 1990 [Reference: Compiled from Results in 1-9]

Note: NIAFA = Northern Ireland American Football Association / ICAF = Irish Council of American Football

Legend: left-to-right: W-L-T-PF-PA (League) W-L-T-PF-PA (All Games)

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
22.07.1990Belfast Spartans6A26 Bulldogs0
22.07.1990Craigavon Cowboys1Carrickfergus Cougars0#
Irish League Final
11.08.1990Craigavon Cowboys31Belfast Spartans6
Irish American Football League Playoffs 1990 [Reference: 10-13]

Note: Craigavon defeated Belfast 54-3 in the 1990 Final according to the Lucky Show Website. First Down of 1 September 1990 has Craigavon defeating Belfast 31-6 in the Shamrock Bowl and meeting Dublin Celts on 1 September to decide who represented Ireland in the EuroBowl.

Craigavon Cowboys met Dublin Celts in Title Game to Decide All-Ireland Champions

Shamrock Bowl

DateHome TeamAway Team
Shamrock Bowl V
1990Dublin Celts40Craigavon Cowboys0
Irish American Football Association Shamrock Bowl 1990 [Ref: 12]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
06.05.1990A26 Bulldogs15Belfast ECC Spartans12 +
06.05.1990Craigavon Cowboys36Coleraine Chieftains0
Week 2
12.05.1990Craigavon CowboysBelfast Giants
13.05.1990A26 Bulldogs8Belfast ECC Spartans14
Week 4
27.05.1900Belfast ECC SpartansLCraigavon CowboysW
Week 5
03.06.1990A26 Bulldogs6Craigavon Cowboys18
Week 6
09.06.1990A26 BulldogsCarrickfergus Cougars
10.06.1990Craigavon CowboysBelfast Spartans
Week 7
16.06.1990Craigavon CowboysA26 Bulldogs
Irish American Football League – Irish League Results 1990 [Reference: 1-9]

Note: + Counts as a Belfast Spartans win due to Antrim Bulldogs decision to play Junior (Under 18) players in the game. # Forfeit

Independent Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 3
20.05.1990Dublin Celts26Craigavon Cowboys12
Irish American Football League Independent Results 1990 [Reference: 4; 8]


The 1990 Irish American Football League season saw 12 teams proposed for an All-Ireland League at the start of the year, however, the Dublin Celts chose to play in the NCMMA (British Second Division) while also playing matches against Irish teams. The Republic of Ireland teams (Dublin Tornadoes, Bray Seahawks, Lee Valley Steelers, as well as teams in Limerick and Waterford) then chose not to play in the League in the absence of the Celts, leaving a five team Irish League in Northern Ireland. Whether the Republic of Ireland teams had their own league remains unknown – there is currently no evidence of one.

In the Irish League, the Craigavon Cowboys beat the Belfast Spartans 31-6 in the Final, after receiving a walkover from the Carrickfergus Cougars in the Semi-Finals, while in the other Semi-Final, the Belfast Spartans beat the A26 Bulldogs, from Antrim, 6-0. The Cowboys then went on to play the Celts in the Shamrock Bowl, a match which the Celts won 40-0.

Home Venues

TeamHome Venue
Shamrock BowlGoodyear, Craigavon
A26 BulldogsAllen Park, Antrim
Belfast SpartansNewtownards Rugby Club
Carrickfergus Cougars
Coleraine Chieftains
Craigavon CowboysGoodyear, Craigavon



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