Irish American Football Association Irish Senior League 1999

Irish American Football League Logo 1999 [Ref:

Final Standings

*Carrickfergus Knights43109224.750
*Dublin Tigers431011434.750
Queens University Belfast Broncos404010158.000
IAFA Irish Senior League 1999 [Ref: compiled from 2-7]

Playoff Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
Shamrock Bowl XIVSantry, Dublin
15.08.1999Dublin Tigers22Carrickfergus Knights6
IAFA Irish Senior League 1999 [Ref:


Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
Week 1
1999Carrickfergus Knights44Queens University Belfast Broncos0
 Week 2   
13.06.1999Dublin Tigers14Carrickfergus Knights0
Week 3
 06.1999Queens University Belfast Broncos10 Carrickfergus Knights 14 
Week 4
27.06.1999Dublin Tigers66Queens University Broncos0
Week 5
30.06.1999Carrickfergus Knights34Dublin Tigers0
 Week 6   
25.07.1999Queens University Broncos0Dublin Tigers34
IAFA All-Ireland American Football League Regular Season Results 1999 [Ref: 2-7]


The year began with the Carrickfergus Knights starting where they left off with a shutout win over the Queens University Belfast Broncos. The Knights defense dominted the entire game., winning 34-0

In week 2, the Dublin Tigers took the initiative from the start, closing down the Knights and helped by running back Brian Dennehy. the deadlock was broken in the third quarter when Head Coach and Quarterback Don Cade dove over from the 2-yard line. Minutes later a second touchdown sealed the game for the Tigers.

In the return game between the Carrickfergus Knights and the Queeens University Broncos, the Knights were a shadow of the team that won convincingly to start the season. The Offense gave up a safety early in the game, and they were plagued by timing errors and unforced errors, but still ended up winning 14-10.

In Week 4, the Tigers scored on the opening drive through a Brian Dennehy run, and never looked back, with Dennehy scoring five touchdowns in all as the Tigers won 66-0.

The Carrickfergus Knights inflicted the heaviest defeat on the Dublin Tigers in the Tigers two year history in the return match, winning 34-0, scoring four times in the first half, but held scoreless in the second until late in the fourth quarter when Wide Receiver Maxwell ran in for their fifth.

For the second year in succession the Tigers and Carrickfergus had to be separated by points scored at the end of the regular season, as the Tigers also finished on 3-1 with a commanding performance by their entire Offensive Line, who won a combined Most Valuable Player award. the OL’s performance allowed Brian Dennehy score three touchdowns and QB Don Cade pass for a fourth. Feargal O’Donnchu won his third defensive MVP award for “outstanding leadership and superb tackling”.

With the Dublin Tigers and Carrickfergus Knights both finishing the season on level terms as in 1998, and a rematch of the Shamrock Bowl, won the previous season by Carrickfergus, the final itself proved to show the two teams evenly matched over the two seasons. The Dublin Tigers gained revenge in Shamrock Bowl XIV, winning 22-6, to win their first Shamrock Bowl.



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Thanks to Cillian Smith, Michael Smith, Michael Brophy and Ralph Schmeer of the Irish American Football Association and Irish American Football Officials Association.

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