Irish American Football Association Jack Daniels Summer Bowl 1987

Jack Daniels Summer Bowl Results

Irish American Football Association Festivals 1987

Match Day Summer Bowl Semi-Finals
(Summer Bowl Semi-Finals)
8 - 6

Belfast Blitzers vs Craigavon Cowboys

Match Day Summer Bowl Final
(Summer Bowl Final)
26 - 0

Dublin Celts vs Belfast Blitzers


With sub-tropical temperatures and six quarters of Football in the Semi-Finals against Craigavon Cowboys [5], the Belfast Blitzers fell to their first defeat of the 1987 Irish American Football League season in the Final versus Dublin Celts in Dublin for the Jack Daniels Summer Bowl, held in honour of American Independence Day [1-4]. The Celts’ win put all the focus on the meeting of the two unbeaten teams in the league later on in the season.



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Thanks to David Turner (Belfast Blitzers)


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