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*St. Mary’s Edenderry21103024.500
*St. Patrick’s Johnstown Bridge21103030.500
St. Conleith’s Derrinturn21101824.500


Note: As St. Mary’s and St. Patrick’s were even on points scored they played a sudden death playoff match to decide the title.


Playoff Result

DateTeam 1 Team 2 
30.03.12St. Mary’s Edenderry6St. Patrick’s Johnstown Bridge0

Group Results

DateTeam 1 Team 2 
30.03.12St. Mary’s Edenderry6St. Conleith’s Derrinturn12
30.03.12St. Patrick’s Johnstown Bridge12St. Mary’s Edenderry24
30.03.12St. Conleith’s Derrinturn6St. Patrick’s Johnstown Bridge18

Venues and Locations of Schools

All MatchesSt. Conleith’s Derrinturn
St. Conleith’s DerrinturnCo. Kildare
St. Mary’s EdenderryCo. Offaly
St. Patrick’s Johnstown BridgeCo. Kildare




St. Conleith’s Derrinturn was the venue for the first Women in Sport Schools Flag Football Tournament. Three National Schools in the Midlands entered, which was won in a sudden death playoff by St. Mary’s Edenderry against St. Patrick’s Johnstown Bridge. over 200 pupils and teachers from the three schools were in attendance.[2]. St. Mary’s would be named International Federation of American Football Team of the Month for March 2012 in recognition of the win.[3]

Sudden Death Playoff: St. Mary’s Edenderry 6 St. Patrick’s Johnstown Bridge 0

St. Mary’s completed three passes to get into the endzone on their first possession and held St. Patrick’s on the next possession to win the Tournament, after a long pass into the endzone on fourth down was intercepted by the St. Mary’s defence.[2]

Group Stage

St. Conleith’s Derrinturn 12 St. Mary’s Edenderry 6St. Conleith’s Derrinturn overcame St. Mary’s Edenderry in the opening match by a score of 12-6. St. mary’s scored the first touchdown, which was followed by a long Derrinturn drive which provided the equaliser. Defence appeared to take over after this, and it wasn’t until 15 seconds to go that St. conleith’s scored the winning touchdown, a long pass into the endzone.[2]

St. Mary’s Edenderry 24 St. Patrick’s Johnstown Bridge 12

St. Mary’s opened the scoring in the second game with a 55 yard TD run. The teams then traded touchdowns, first St. Patrick’s equalising, then St. Mary’s taking the lead again. Edenderry then intercepted a Johnstown Bridge pass and returned it for a touchdown to put them two TD’s up. Both teams scored TD’s late in the game to leave the score 24-12 to St. Mary’s.[2]

St. Patrick’s Johnstown Bridge 18 St. Conleith’s Derrinturn 6

St. Patrick’s opened the scoring with a TD run, needing to win to tie the tournament. They then added a second to put themselves 12-0 up. St. Conleith’s, however, weren’t going to let the chance to win the tournament go by, and pulled one back, however St. patrick’s scored late in the game, with just 30 seconds left on the clock to tie the tournament on 1 win apiece. It would come down to points scored and St. Mary’s and St. Patrick’s were both level on 30 points scored, necessitating a sudden death playoff.[2]



International Federation of American Football Team of the Month March 2012St. Mary’s Edenderry





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Thanks to Conor Connolly-Mulcahy & Dara Connolly-Mulcahy.

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