Dublin Celts 1987

Irish American Football League 1987

League Table

Tara Conference
*Dublin Celts1010001.000
*Craigavon Cowboys10820.800
*Belfast Giants10730.667
Belfast Spartans10460.450
Bangor Buccaneers10370.300
Jordanstown Jaguars100100.000
Mourne Conference
*Belfast Blitzers10910.900
Carrickfergus Cougars10550.500
Dublin Tornadoes10550.500
Coleraine Chieftains10280.200
East Side Jets10280.200


Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
12.09.87Belfast Blitzers20Craigavon Cowboys28
12.09.87Dublin Celts43Belfast Giants0
Shamrock Bowl II
27.09.87Craigavon Cowboys26Dublin Celts39


Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
27.04.87East Side Jets0Belfast Blitzers92
27.04.87Coleraine Chieftains0Craigavon Cowboys38
27.04.87Labatt Belfast Spartans6Dublin Tornadoes7
Week 2
3.05.87Carrickfergus Cougars6Craigavon Cowboys30
3.05.87Dublin Celts28Jordanstown Jaguars6
Week 3
10.05.87Jordanstown Jaguars0Belfast Blitzers28
10.05.87Bangor Buccaneers0Belfast Giants27
10.05.87Coleraine Chieftains9Dublin Celts48
Week 4
17.05.87Dublin Celts13Belfast Giants0
17.05.87Labatt Belfast Spartans2Carrickfergus Cougars15
17.05.87Craigavon Cowboys58East Side Jets0
Week 5
24.05.87Jordanstown Jaguars8Carrickfergus Cougars6
24.05.87Belfast Blitzers52Coleraine Chieftans0
24.05.87Belfast Giants52Dublin Tornadoes2
24.05.87East Side Jets9Labatt Belfast Spartans30
Week 6
31.05.87Belfast Blitzers76Bangor Buccaneers0
31.05.87Dublin Tornadoes0Craigavon Cowboys32
31.05.87Carrickfergus CougarspDublin Celtsp
Week 7
07.06.87Jordanstown Jaguars0Bangor Buccaneers7
07.06.87Belfast Giants9Carrickfergus Cougars6
07.06.87Coleraine Chieftains31East Side Jets0
Week 8
14.06.87Craigavon Cowboys21Bangor Buccaneers7
14.06.87East Side Jets0Belfast Giants46
14.06.87Carrickfergus Cougars0Dublin Tornadoes22
Week 9
21.06.87Labatt Belfast SpartanspBelfast Giantsp
21.06.87Dublin Tornadoes38Coleraine Chieftains6
21.06.87Bangor Buccaneers15Dublin Celts38
21.06.87Belfast Blitzers63Labatt Belfast Spartans0
Week 10
28.06.87Craigavon Cowboys0Belfast Blitzers22
28.06.87Coleraine Chieftans0Labatt Belfast Spartans6
Week 11
05.07.87Bangor Buccaneers25East Side Jets0
Week 12
12.07.87Dublin Celts40Dublin Tornadoes0
12.07.87Labatt Belfast Spartans1Jordanstown Jaguars0 #
Week 13
19.07.87Coleraine Chieftains0Belfast Giants12
19.07.87Labatt Belfast Spartans0Dublin Celts27
19.07.87Dublin Tornadoes1Jordanstown Jaguars0 #
Week 14
26.07.87Coleraine Chieftains1Jordanstown Jaguars0 #
26.07.87Craigavon Cowboys14Dublin Celts24
26.07.87Carrickfergus Cougars1East Side Jets0 #
26.07.87Bangor BuccaneerspLabatt Belfast Spartansp
Week 15
02.08.87Dublin Tornadoes32Bangor Buccaneers0
02.08.87Belfast Blitzers38Belfast Giants3
02.08.87Coleraine Chieftans12Carrickfergus Cougars33
Week 16
16.08.87Dublin Celts26Belfast Blitzers14
16.08.87Bangor Buccaneers6Coleraine Chieftains0
16.08.87Belfast Giants0Craigavon Cowboys13
16.08.87East Side Jets0 #Dublin Tornadoes1
Week 17
23.08.87Carrickfergus CougarspBelfast Blitzersp
23.08.87Jordanstown Jaguars0 #Craigavon Cowboys1
23.08.87Dublin Celts1East Side Jets0 #
25.08.87Carrickfergus Cougars6Belfast Blitzers36
Week 18
30.08.87Bangor Buccaneers6Carrickfergus Cougars26
30.08.87Labatt Belfast Spartans0Craigavon Cowboys52
30.08.87East Side Jets0 #Dublin Tornadoes1
30.08.87Dublin Celts1East Side Jets0 #
30.08.87East Side Jets1Jordanstown Jaguars0 #
Week 19
06.09.87Labatt Belfast Spartans1Bangor Buccaneers0 #
06.09.87Jordanstown Jaguars0 #Belfast Giants1
06.09.87Labatt Belfast Spartans0 #Belfast Giants1
06.09.87Carrickfergus CougarsDublin Celts
Irish American Football League Regular Season Results 1987 [Ref: 1, 3]



Dublin Celts – Shamrock Bowl Winners 1987 [3]



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