Irish American Football League 2 Conference 2014

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League Table

*Tyrone Titans6600  12
*Dundalk Mavericks6420  8
South Kildare Soldiers6150  2
Galway Warriors6150  2

Reference: [1]

Playoff Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 IAFL-2 Bowl   
 2014Tyrone Titans20Dundalk Mavericks7

Reference: [2]

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 4   
06.04.14South Kildare Soldiers6Dundalk Mavericks15
 Week 7   
04.05.14Tyrone Titans36Galway Warriors0
 Week 8   
11.05.14Dundalk Mavericks7Tyrone Titans20
 Week 9   
18.05.14Galway Warriors0South Kildare Soldiers2
 Week 12   
08.06.14South Kildare Soldiers0Tyrone Titans20
 Week 13   
15.06.14Dundalk Mavericks27Galway Warriors0
 Week 17   
13.07.14South Kildare Soldiers6Galway Warriors13
13.07.14Tyrone Titans44Dundalk Mavericks0
 Week 18   
20.07.14Dundalk Mavericks16South Kildare Soldiers0
20.07.14Galway Warriors0Tyrone Titans46
 Week 20   
03.08.14Tyrone Titans72South Kildare Soldiers0
 Week 21   
09.08.14Galway Warriors0Dundalk Mavericks24


2 Pts Win / 1 Pts Tie / 0 Loss / * Qualify for Playoffs

Home Venues

TeamHome Venue
Galway WarriorsSt. Mary’s College, Galway City / Galway-Mayo IT, Galway
South Kildare SoldiersRathbride Crossroads, Co. Kildare
Tyrone TitansTyrone
Dundalk MavericksDundalk IT Sports Grounds, Co. Louth




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Thanks to Sean Douglas, Dublin Rebels.

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