Irish American Football League Festivals & Exhibition Matches 1986-Present

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DateTeam 1Team 2
Jack Daniels Summer BowlBelevedere RFC, Dublin
04.07.1986Dublin Celts
20.07.1986Belfast Blitzers53Aldergrove Hawks22
Jack Daniels Summer BowlBelvedere RFC, Dublin
04.07.1987Dublin Celts26Belfast Blitzers0
Acgragar GAA, Co. Laois
16.08.1987Dublin Celts26Belfast Blitzers14
Jack Daniels Summer BowlBelvedere RFC, Co. Laois
04.07.1988Dublin CeltsNorthern Hordes
1988Dublin Tornadoes46Antrim Bulldogs0
17.07.1988Labatt Spartans??A26 Bulldogs8
Birr Vintage FestivalBirr, Co. Offaly
21.08.1988Dublin TornadoesAntrim Bulldogs
Jack Daniels Summer BowlBelvedere RFC< Dublin
ExhibitionBreffni Park, Co. Cavan
19.08.1989Belfast GiantsCraigavon Cowboys
ExhibitionAthy RFC, Co. Kildare
24.05.1992Dublin TornadoesDrogheda Vikings
July 4th FestivalWestport, Co. Mayo
04.07.1993Dublin Tornadoes33Belfast Spartans0
04.07.1993*Ardee Falcons0Dublin Tornadoes0
InternationalWicklow RFC, Co. Wicklow
12.08.1995IAFL All-StarsBritish Bulldogs
ExhibitionMelvin Park, Co. Tyrone
ExhibitionJennings Park, Newry, Co. Down
05.10.2008*Craigavon CowboysEdenderry Soldiers
Blarney BowlBlarney, Co. Cork
04.07.2010Cork Admirals40Dublin Dragons6
Moneygall American FestivalMoneygall, Co. Offaly
04.07.2012*Trim Bulldogs28Drogheda Lightning26
Rivals BowlDeramore Park
04.07.2014+Belfast Trojans50Carrickfergus Knights0
Friday Night LightsNavan, Co. Meath
04.07.2014+Meath Bulldogs29Mullingar Minotaurs22
Stars & Stripes EventPeople’s Park, Portadown
07.2016Craigavon CowboysWSouth Kildare SoldiersL
Marcel Seeley Alumni GamePeople’s Park, Portadown
17.06.2018Craigavon CowboysNI Razorbacks
Marcell Seeley Memorial CupPeople’s Park, Portadown
06.2019Craigavon Cowboys27Wexford Eagles13

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Note: *8v8 Exhibition Match. + Regular Season Match


There have been Festival Matches and Exhibition matches held during the season in Irish American Football since 1986. Often held on American Independence Day, or during Festivals in small towns or villages throughout Ireland, they can be a highlight of the year for many, as up to 5,000 can turn up to watch, as was the case in the July 4th Festival in Westport, Co. Mayo in 1993.

Craigavon Cowboys Team Photo versus South Kildare Soldiers at Stars & Stripes Event 2016 [Reference: 21]



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