Irish American Football League Preseason 2018

Irish American Football association Logo 2018 [Ref: 5]

Preseason Standings

IAFL Preseason Ulster
Craigavon Cowboys110027142
Belfast Trojans
Belfast Knights
Antrim Jets
Donegal / Derry Vipers
NI Razorbacks
IAFL Preseason Dublin
Dublin Rebels
South Dublin Panthers
Trinity College Dublin
University College Dublin
North Dublin Pirates
West Dublin Rhinos
IAFL Preseason Leinster
Wexford Eagles211042342
Louth Mavericks101014270
Westmeath Minotaurs101014280
Cill Dara Crusaders
Meath Bulldogs
IAFL Preseason Munster / Connacht
Cork Admirals110020142
University of Limerick Vikings
Galway Warriors
Irish American Football League Preseason Standings 2018 [Ref: Compiled from results in 1-2]

Preseason Results

DateHOme TeamAway Team
Week 1
03.02.2018Cork Admirals20Wexford Eagles14
Week 1
25.02.2018Craigavon Cowboys27Louth Mavericks14
25.02.2018Cill Dara CrusadersBelfast Trojans
25.02.2018Wexford Eagles28Westmeath Minotaurs14
Irish American Football League Preseason 2018 [Ref: 1-4]


Craigavon Cowboys defeated Louth Mavericks 27-14 in an Irish American Football League preseason match on 25 February 2018. I n other matches that day Wexford Eagles defeated Westmeath Minotaurs 28-14 and Cill Dara Crusaders played Belfast Trojans.


Social Media

[1] Craigavon Cowboys Facebook (2018) Post, February 23, 2018″🔜 COWBOYS VS MAVERICKS 🏈American football is back in Craigavon, with your local team, the Craigavon Cowboys taking on the Louth Mavericks in a preseason friendly.” [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 2 July 2020]

[2] Craigavon Cowboys Facebook (2018) Post, February 25, 2018″FINAL: Cowboys 27 – 14 Mavericks. Many thanks to the Mavericks for travelling up, plenty to work on. Onwards and upwards!” [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 2 July 2020]

[3] Cill Dara Crusaders Facebook (2018) Post, February 25, 2018″We’d like to thank the Belfast Trojans for coming down to us for a fantastic preseason scrimmage. Great session by all and we wish the Trojans the very best in the SBC!” [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 2 July 2020]

[4] Wexford Eagles Facebook (2018) Post, February 25, 2018″The Eagles finish the preseason with a 28-14 win over the Westmeath Minotaurs!!! #Eagles” [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 2 July 2020]

[4] Wexford Eagles Facebook (2018) Post, February 3, 2018″The Eagles kicked off our preseason today with a narrow 20-14 loss against the SBC Cork Admirals American Football Club.” [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 2 July 2020]


[5] Irish American Football Association (2017) IAFA 2018 Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 11 July 2018]


Thanks to Sean Douglas (Dublin Rebels)

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