Irish American Football League Shamrock Bowl Conference 2013

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League Table

IAFL North       
*Belfast Trojans8800  16
*Dublin Rebels8530  10
*Carrickfergus Knights8341  7
West Dublin Rhinos8260  4
Craigavon Cowboys8161  3
IAFL South       
*UL Vikings7520  10
*Trinity College Dublin7520  10
University College Dublin7340  6
Cork Admirals5050  0
Irish American Football League Shamrock Bowl Conference Standings 2013


Playoff Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Shamrock Bowl XXVII  Tallaght Stadium 
20.07.13Belfast Trojans48Dublin Rebels18
Irish American Football League Shamrock Bowl Conference Playoff Results 2013


Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 2   
24.02.13University College Dublin0UL Vikings11
24.02.13Craigavon Cowboys13Belfast Trojans46
24.02.13Dublin Rebels22West Dublin Rebels0
 Week 3   
03.03.13West Dublin Rhinos0Carrickfergus Knights2
03.03.13UL Vikings20Trinity College Dublin0
 Week 4   
10.03.13Carrickfergus Knights20Craigavon Cowboys0
 Week 6   
07.04.13University College Dublin34Cork Admirals6
07.04.13Craigavon Cowboys23West Dublin Rhinos0
07.04.13Dublin Rebels20Carrickfergus Knights6
07.04.13UL Vikings13Trinity College Dublin12
 Week 7   
14.04.13West Dublin Rhinos7Dublin Rebels6
14.04.13Belfast Trojans52Craigavon Cowboys7
14.04.13Trinity College Dublin21University College Dublin0
 Week 8   
21.04.13Cork Admirals0 #University College Dublin30
21.04.13Belfast Trojans41Carrickfergus Knights6
21.04.13Trinity College Dublin22UL Vikings10
 Week 9   
28.04.13Carrickfergus Knights14West Dublin Rhinos7
28.04.13Cork Admirals0 #UL Vikings30
28.04.13Craigavon Cowboys6Dublin Rebels62
 Week 11   
12.05.13West Dublin Rhinos7Craigavon Cowboys0
12.05.13Belfast Trojans35Dublin Rebels0
12.05.13Trinity College Dublin30Cork Admirals0 #
 Week 12   
19.05.13University College Dublin26Trinity College Dublin0
19.05.13Carrickfergus Knights0Belfast Trojans21
 Week 13   
26.05.13University College Dublin0 #UL Vikings30
26.05.13Dublin Rebels32Craigavon Cowboys7
 Week 14   
02.06.13Cork Admirals0 #Trinity College Dublin30
02.06.13West Dublin Rhinos6Belfast Trojans38
02.06.13Craigavon Cowboys18Carrickfergus Knights18
 Week 15   
09.06.13Carrickfergus Knights7Dublun Rebels24
09.06.13Belfast Trojans31West Dublin Rhinos0
09.06.13UL Vikings42University College Dublin12
Irish American Football League Shamrock Bowl Conference Regular Season Results 2013


Note: 2 Pts win, 1 Pt Tie, 0 Pts Loss. *Qualify for Playoffs


Belfast Trojans beat Dublin Rebels 48-18 in Shamrock Bowl XXVII in Tallaght Stadium.

Shamrock Bowl XXVII Logo [Ref: 4]

Home Venues

TeamHome Venue
Belfast TrojansShorts S&R Club
Carrickfergus KnightsCarrickfergus RFC, Co. Antrim
Cork AdmiralsCork IT, Bishopstown
Craigavon CowboysPeople’s Park, Portadown
Dublin RebelsSportslink, Santry
Trinity College DublinTrinity College Sports Grounds
University College DublinBelfield, Dublin 4, Co. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown
UL VikingsUL Sports Grounds, Limerick
West Dublin RhinosCastleknock College, Dublin 15
Irish American Football League Shamrock Bowl Conference Home Venues 2013 [Ref: 2]



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Thanks to Joe Grey, Dublin Dragons and Sean Douglas, Dublin Rebels.

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