Irish American Football League Super League 2004


League Table

*Dublin Rebels87103008838
*Carrickfergus Knights86112898137
*Belfast Bulls843116110733
*Dublin Dragons83509122930
Cork Admirals835012428127
University of Limerick Vikings80803521321


Playoff Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
15.08.2004Dublin Rebels38Dublin Dragons12
15.08.2004Carrickfergus Knights23Belfast Bulls0
 Shamrock Bowl XVIII   
29.08.2004Carrickfergus Knights22Dublin Rebels24


Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
29.02.2004UL Vikings5Cork Admirals19
 Week 2   
07.03.2004Dublin Dragons8UL Vikings7
 Week 3   
21.03.2004Belfast Bulls0Carrickfergus Knights19
 Week 4   
28.03.2004UL Vikings9Dublin Dragons18
 Week 5   
04.04.2004Dublin Rebels50UL Vikings0
08.04.2004Cork Admirals13UL Vikings0
 Week 6   
18.04.2004UL Vikings0 #Dublin Rebels30
18.04.2004Belfast Bulls20Dublin Dragons12
 Week 7   
25.04.2004Carrickfergus Knights47UL Vikings7
25.04.2004Dublin Dragons26Cork Admirals12
 Week 8   
09.05.2004UL Vikings7Belfast Bulls28
09.05.2004Carrickfergus Knights42Dublin Rebels14
 Week 9   
16.05.2004Cork Admirals0Carrickfergus Knights60
 Week 10   
23.05.2004Dublin Rebels12Dublin Dragons6
06.06.2004Belfast Bulls30Cork Admirals0 #
 Week 11   
13.06.2004Cork Admirals12Dublin Rebels88
 Week 12   
20.06.2004Dublin Dragons0Belfast Bulls35
20.06.2004Dublin Rebels26Carrickfergus Knights12
 Week 13   
04.07.2004Carrickfergus Knights20Belfast Bulls13
 Week 14   
11.07.2004Dublin Rebels52Cork Admirals0
 Week 15   
18.07.2004Cork Admirals68Dublin Dragons20
 Week 16   
25.07.2004Dublin Dragons0Carrickfergus Knights66
 Week 17   
01.08.2004Carrickfergus Knights21Belfast Bulls21
 Week 18   
08.08.2004Belfast Bulls14Dublin Rebels28


5 Pts Win / 4 Pts Tie / 3 Loss / 0 Pts Forfeit #


The 2004 IAFL season featured 6 teams as Divisions 1 & 2 from 2003 were merged into one 11-man League, with Belfast Bulls & UL Vikings making the step up from the 8-man Division 2, and only Craigavon Cowboys remaining as an 8-man team with 2nds teams.

Dublin Rebels and Carrickfergus Knights again proved the top teams, losing only to each other as the Rebels finished on 7-1 and the Knights on 6-1-1. Joining them in the playoffs were the Belfast Bulls, with an impressive 4-3-1 record in their first season in this level, and the Dublin Dragons who finished ahead of Cork Admirals on a tie-breaker, both teams finishing 3-5. UL Vikings struggled and finished bottom, losing all 8 matches.

The Semi-Finals finished with predictable wins for the Dublin Rebels (38-12 against Dublin Dragons) and Carrickfergus Knights (23-0 over Belfast Bulls), and Shamrock Bowl XVIII proved a thriller, with the Rebels edging the contest 24-22 in a see-saw battle, which was the closest margin of victory since the Dublin Celts beat the Antrim Bulldogs 7-6 in 1989.



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Thanks to Cillian Smith, Michael Smith and Ralph Schmeer of the Irish American Football Association and Irish American Football Officials Association, and Sean Douglas, Dublin Rebels.

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