Irish American Football Season Overview 1999-2000

Nations Cup 1999

Nations Cup 1999 [Reference: Compiled from: 7]

Compiled from: [7]

AFAI Irish Senior League

*Dublin Tigers330011401.000
*Carrickfergus Knights1010014.000
Queens University Belfast Broncos20200100.000
American Football Association of Ireland – Irish Senior League 1999 [Reference: 2-5]
DateHome Team Away Team 
 Shamrock Bowl XIV  (Santry, Dublin) 
15.08.99Dublin Tigers22Carrickfergus Knights6
American Football Association of Ireland – Irish Senior League Playoffs 1999 [Reference: 2]

Anglo-Irish Flag Football Challenge 1999

YearHome Team Away Team 
12.06.99Drimnagh Cycos20Leicester Europa Eagles12
Anglo-Irish flag football Challenge 1999 [Reference: 8]

IFFA Irish Flag Football League 1999-2000

*Drimnagh Cycos8620176112
*Dublin Gladiators8530133117
*Dublin Pirates8440177107
*Dublin Crows8260123105
DCU Stallions817042160
Irish Flag football Association – Irish Flag Football League Final Table 1999-2000 [Reference: 6]
DateHome Team Away Team 
 Drimnagh Cycos26Dublin Crows13
 Dublin Gladiators0Dublin Pirates36
12.03.00Drimnagh Cycos12Dublin Pirates18
Irish Flag Football Association – Irish Flag Football League Playoffs 1999-2000 [Reference: 6]



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Thanks to Cillian Smith, Michael Smith, Michael Brophy and Ralph Schmeer of the Irish American Football Association and Irish American Football Officials Association and Peter Mullen, Drimnagh Cycos

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