Irish American Football Season Review 1998-99

Nations Cup 1998

Nations Cup 1998 [Ref: 1-2]

AFAI Senior League 1998

*Dublin Tigers8602292106.875
*Carrickfergus Knights860223254.875
*Greystones Rebels8440132124.500
*Craigavon Cowboys817071232.125
Queens University Belfast Broncos817066277.125
American Football Association of Ireland Senior League 1998 [Ref: 5]

Note: Teams tied on winning percentage separated by points scored

DateHome TeamAway Team
16.08.1998Dublin Tigers30Craigavon Cowboys0
16.08.1998Carrickfergus Knights40Greystones Rebels0
Shamrock Bowl XIII
30.08.1998Dublin Tigers14Carrickfergus Knights22
American Football Association of Ireland Senior League Playoffs 1998 [Ref: 6-8]

International 8-a-side Club Youth Kitted Friendly

DateHome TeamAway Team
1998Doncaster Wildcats (Eng)6Ballymena Wolfhounds22
International Youth Kitted Friendly 1998 [Ref: 3-4]

AFAI 7-a-side Blitz 1998

*Carrickfergus Knights22002601.000
Queens University Belfast Broncos211026.500
Belfast Lasers2020022.000
American Football Association of Ireland 7-a-side Blitz Final Standings 1998. [Ref: 9-10]

Anglo-Irish Flag Football Challenge II 1998

DateHome TeamAway Team
1998Leicester Europa Eagles (Eng)24Drimnagh Cycos12
Anglo-Irish Flag Football Challenge II 1998 [Ref: 11]

IFFA Irish Flag Football League 1998-99

DateHome Team Away Team 
 1999Greystones RebelsWDrimnagh CycosL
 1999Pirates14Greystones Rebels12
Irish Flag Football League Playoffs 1998-99 [Ref: 12-13]


The International scene in American Football in 1998 saw Ireland lose heavily, 34-6 to Wales.

The American Football Association of Ireland Senior League was a 5-team League, with new team Dublin tigers winning the League on Points scored from Carrickfergus Knights, after the two teams tied both games with each other and won all the rest. They met again in the Shamrock Bowl, after the Tigers had defeated Craigavon Cowboys 30-0 and the Knights had won 40-0 against Greystones Rebels in the semi-finals. The shamrock Bowl was again a close affair as had been promised given the even match-ups between the two sides all year, with the Carrickfergus Knights running out 22-14 victors.

Ballymena Wolfhounds 8-a-side Youth Kitted team fared better than their Senior International counterparts, winning 22-6 on the road against Doncaster Wildcats from Yorkshire in England.

There was also a 7-a-side Charity blitz in the grounds of Queens University, where Carrickfergus Knights finished out on top, with two wins against the host Broncos and new team Belfast Lasers, playing in their first ever tournament.

In Flag Football, the Drimnagh Cycos lost the second Anglo-Irish Flag Football Challenge 24-12 to the Europa Eagles in Leicester.

In the Irish Flag Football League (Dublin Area), the Pirates beat the Greystones Rebels 14-12 in a close match.



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Thanks to Cillian Smith, Michael Smith and Michael Brophy of the Irish American Football Association and Irish American Football Officials Association.

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