Irish Baseball & Softball Federation Irish Baseball League 1999


Final League Table

x – Dublin Spartans12930030
Dublin City Hurricanes12930030
Dublin Panthers12750226
Belfast NorthStars121110814


x – Champions. Dublin Spartans finished ahead of Dublin City Hurricanes based on better head-to-head record during season (Spartans won season series 2-1)


Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
08.05.1999Dublin Panthers7Dublin City Hurricanes13
08.05.1999Dublin Spartans10DiMaggios4
 Week 2   
15.05.1999Belfast NorthStars4Dublin Panthers17
15.05.1999Belfast NorthStars4Dublin Panthers35
15.05.1999Dublin City Hurricanes7Dublin Spartans1
15.05.1999Dublin Spartans14Dublin City Hurricanes3
 Week 3   
23.05.1999DiMaggios15Belfast NorthStars5
23.05.1999Dublin Spartans14Dublin Panthers2
 Week 4   
29.05.1999Belfast NorthStars7Dublin Spartans12
29.05.1999Belfast NorthStars4Dublin Spartans12
29.05.1999DiMaggios5Dublin City Hurricanes27
29.05.1999Dublin City Hurricanes7DiMaggios0 #
 Week 5   
05.06.1999Belfast NorthStars3Dublin City Hurricanes24
05.06.1999Belfast NorthStars1Dublin City Hurricanes6
05.06.1999DiMaggios4Dublin Panthers6
05.06.1999Dublin Panthers9DIMaggios11
 Week 6   
19.06.1999Dublin Spartans5Dublin Panthers9
19.06.1999Dublin Panthers7Dublin Spartans11
 Week 7   
26.06.1999Dublin Spartans10Dublin City Hurricanes1
26.06.1999Dublin Panthers12Belfast NorthStars4
 Week 8   
10.07.1999Dublin Spartans21Belfast NorthStars22
11.07.1999DiMaggios0 #Dublin City Hurricanes7
 Week 9   
31.07.1999DIMaggios6Dublin Sparrtans9
31.07.1999Dublin Panthers3Dublin City Hurricanes6
31.07.1999Dublin City Hurricanes23Belfast NorthStars12
 Week 10   
01.08.1999DiMaggios10Belfast NorthStars3
01.08.1999DiMaggios30Belfast NorthStars5
 Week 12   
09.10.1999Dublin Panthers15Dublin City Hurricanes5
N/ADublin Panthers7DiMaggios0 #
N/ADublin Spartans7DiMaggios0 #


Home Venues

TeamHome Field
Belfast NorthStarsBelfast
DiMaggiosO’Malley Fields, Corkagh Park, Clondalkin, D22
Dublin City HurricanesO’Malley Fields, Corkagh Park, Clondalkin, D22
Dublin PanthersO’Malley Fields, Corkagh Park, Clondalkin, D22
Dublin SpartansO’Malley Fields, Corkagh Park, Clondalkin, D22



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Thanks to Peter Kavanagh, Baseball Ireland.

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