Irish Basketball Association Men’s National Basketball League 1991-92

League Table

Northern Conference
*Connacht Gold Ballina2220240
*Jameson St.Vincent’s2220240
*Annadale Queens2215730
*Star of the Sea2214828
St. Gall’s22111122
Sligo All-Stars2261612
St. Declan’s224188
Southern Conference
*Burgerland Neptune2219338
*North Monastery 96ers2218436
*Garvey’s Tigers Tralee2216632
*Whirlpool Blue Demons22121024
Marathon Limerick22101220
Lucozade Sport Killester2281416
Woodchester Marian2261612
Galway Democrats224188



Home TeamAway Team
Quarter-Finals4-5 April 1992
North Monastery 96ers97Garvey’s Tigers Tralee84
Semi-Finals (Neptune)11 April 1992
Connacht Gold BallinaNorth Monastery 96ers
Burgerland NeptuneJameson St.Vincent’s
Final (Neptune)12 April 1992
Connacht Gold Ballina91Jameson St.Vincent’s78


Promotion/Relegation Playoff

DateHome TeamAway Team


Regular Season Results

Home TeamAway Team
Week 15-6 October 1991
Marathon Limerick98Killester73
Galway Democrats89Whirlpool Blue Demons69
Dungannon71Jameson St. Vincent’s95
St. Declan’s76St. Gall’s64
Sligo All-Stars82Star of the Sea91
North Monastery 96ers85Garvey’s Tigers Tralee67
Woodchester Marian79Burgerland Neptune102
Annadale Queens80Connacht Gold Ballina90
Week 211-13 October 1991
North Monastery 96ers117Whirlpool Blue Demons89
Killester68Galway Democrats77
Marathon Limerick92Burgerland Neptune97
Garvey’s Tralee Tigers68Woodchester Marian78
St. Gall’s78Dungannon72
Connacht Gold Ballina104St. Declan’s83
Star of the Sea78Annadale Queens74
Jameson St.Vincent’s109Sligo All-Stars70
Week 3
Lucozade Sport Killester82St. Declan’s77
Burgerland Neptune83Jameson St.Vincent’s91
Sligo All-Stars74Whirlpool Blue Demons87
Connacht Gold Ballina87Galway Democrats61
Star of the Sea83Marathon Limerick64
North Monastery 96ers108St. Gall’s81
Annadale Queens87Garvey’s Tigers Tralee69
Woodchester Marian86Dungannon72
Week 4`2-3 November 1991
Connacht Gold Ballina93Whirlpool Blue Demons83
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee103Star of the Sea97
Jameson St.Vincent’s109North Monastery 96ers107
Marathon Limerick99Annadale Queens69
Lucozade Sport Killester89Dungannon77
St. Declan’s73Woodchester Marian62
Burgerland Neptune102St. Gall’s76
Week 59-10 November 1991
Connacht Gold Ballina117Jameson St.Vincent’s100
North Monastery 96ers62Burgerland Neptune85
Annadale Queens82St. Gall’s81
St. Declan’s70Star of the Sea85
Dungannon84Sligo All-Stars73
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee96Lucozade Sport Killester80
Marathon Limerick90Galway Democrats85
Woodchester Marian74Whirlpool Blue Demons71
Week 623-24 November 1991
Connacht Gold Ballina79St. Gall’s57
Jameson St.Vincent’s93St. Declan’s78
Dungannon94Star of the Sea86
Annadale Queens109Sligo All-Stars83
Burgerland Neptune111Garvey’s Tigers Tralee91
Whirlpool Blue Demons90Marathon Limerick81
Galway Democrats73North Monastery 96ers64
Woodchester Marian79Lucozade Sport Killester78
Week 730 November-1 Dec 1991
Connacht Gold Ballina108Garvey’s Tigers Tralee96
Burgerland Neptune94Dungannon67
Annadale Queens94Galway Democrats76
Sligo All-Stars92Marathon Limerick89
Woodchester Marian73Jameson St.Vincent’s93
North Monastery 96ers105St. Declan’s83
Star of the Sea90Whirlpool Blue Demons93
Lucozade Sport Killester85St. Gall’s79
Week 87-8 December 1991
Star of the Sea83Galway Democrats63
Annadale/Queens108Whirlpool Blue Demons79
St. Declan’s62Burgerland Neptune104
Connacht Gold Ballina99Marathon Limerick82
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee126Sligo All-Stars86
Jameson St.Vincent’s103Lucozade Sport Killester85
St. Gall’s77Woodchester Marian75
Dungannon83North Monastery 96ers90
Week 914-15 December 1991
Burgerland Neptune84Whirlpool Blue Demons80
St. Gall’s75Star of the Sea65
Connacht Gold Ballina106Sligo All-Stars79
Jameson St.Vincent’s102Annadale Queens92
St. Declan’s86Dungannon68
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee87Galway Democrats65
Woodchester Marian88Marathon Limerick102
North Monastery 96ers102Lucozade Sport Killester84
Week 1028-29 December 1991
Burgerland Neptune99Killester85
Whirlpool Blue Demons102Garvey’s Tralee Tigers105
Woodchester87Galway Democrats77
Sligo All-Stars81St. Declan’s73
Dungannon76Annadale Queens82
Marathon Limerick87North Monastery 96ers96
Star of the Sea101Connacht Gold Ballina102^
Jameson St.Vincent’s107St. Gall’s92
Week 114-5 January 1992
Dungannon68Connacht Gold Ballina75
St. Gall’s89Sligo All-Stars84^
Star of the Sea106Jameson St. Vincent’s110
St. Declan’s78Annadale/Queen’s93
Burgerland Neptune94Galway Democrats47
Marian67North Monastery 96ers70
Whirlpool Blue Demons87Lucozade Sport Killester76
Marathon Limerick88Garvey’s Tigers Tralee102
Week 1211-12 January 1992
Connacht Gold Ballina103Annadale Queens115^
St. Gall’s75St. Declan’s74
Star of the Sea87Sligo All-Stars80
Jameson St.Vincent’s109Dungannon85
Burgerland Neptune91Woodchester Marian51
Lucozade Sport Killester84Marathon Limerick80
Whirlpool Blue Demons81Galway Democrats58
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee102North Monastery 96ers94
Week 1318-19 January 1992
Galway Democrats86Lucozade Sport Killester88
St. Declan’s59Connacht Gold Ballina75
Annadale Queens93Star of the Sea73
Sligo All-Stars76Jameson St.Vincent’s124
Burgerland Neptune104Marathon Limerick86
Woodchester Marian91Garvey’s Tigers Tralee106
North Monastery 96ers106Whirlpool Blue Demons108
Week 141-2 February 1992
Woodchester Marian63Connacht Gold Ballina94
Burgerland Neptune101Annadale Queens77
Jameson St.Vincent’s93Galway Democrats82
St. Gall’s77Whirlpool Blue Demons96
Lucozade Sport Killester110Sligo All-Stars92
St. Declan’s65Marathon Limerick77
North Monastery 96ers99Star of the Sea102
Week 158-9 February 1992
Whirlpool Blue Demons117Jameson St.Vincent’s115
Galway Democrats76St. Gall’s47
Marathon Limerick84Dungannon79
Burgerland Neptune84Star of the Sea74
Connacht Gold Ballina95Lucozade Sport Killester82
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee114St. Declan’s82
Annadale Queens97North Monastery 96ers102
Week 1615-16 February 1992
Burgerland Neptune77North Monastery 96ers83
Whirlpool Blue Demons99Woodchester Marian74
Lucozade Sport Killester16Garvey’s Tigers Tralee120
Galway Democrats71Marathon Limerick81
Jameson St.Vincent’s96Connacht Gold Ballina82
St. Gall’s97Annadale Queens83
Star of the Sea98St. Declan’s74
Sligo All-Stars97Dungannon101
Week 1722-23 February 1992
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee100Burgerland Neptune112
North Monastery 96ers87Galway Democrats57
Marathon Limerick74Whirlpool Blue Demons103
Woodchester Marian70Lucozade Sport Killester90
Connacht Gold Ballina76St. Gall’s58
St. Declan’s82Jameson St.Vincent’s90
Annadale Queens104Sligo All-Stars86
Dungannon81Star of the Sea85
Week 1829 February-1 March 1992
Dungannon102St. Declan’s89
Connacht Gold Ballina72Sligo all-Stars58
Star of the Sea80St. Gall’s65
Jameson St. Vincent’s98Annadale/Queen’s93
Burgerland Neptune86Whirlpool Blue Demons83
Marathon Limerick79Woodchester Marian74
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee108Galway Democrats87
North Monastery 96ers116Killester97
Week 197-8 March 1992
St. Gall’s72Jameson St.Vincent’s98
St. Declan’s66Sligo All-Stars68
Connacht Gold Ballina89Star of the Sea80
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee96Whirlpool Blue Demons99
North Monastery 96ers115Marathon Limerick94
Burgerland Neptune102Lucozade Sport Killester61
Woodchester Marian67Galway Democrats59
Annadale Queens110Dungannon96
Week 2014-15 March 1992
Dungannon102Galway Democrats58
Lucozade Sport Killester83Star of the Sea102
St. Declan’s88Whirlpool Blue Demons85
St. Gall’s104Marathon Limerick82
Burgerland Neptune71Connacht Gold Ballina79
North Monastery 96ers101Sligo All-Stars85
Woodchester Marian77Annadale Queens75
Jameson St.Vincent’s126Garvey’s Tigers Tralee110
Week 2121-22 March 1992
Garvey’s Tralee TigersWSt. Gall’sL
Connacht Gold BallinaWNorth Monastery 96ersL
Week 2228-29 March 1992
North Monastery 96ers82Woodchester Marian67
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee108Marathon Limerick106
Galway Democrats59Burgerland Neptune110
Lucozade Sport Killester106Whirlpool Blue Demons97
Connacht Gold Ballina89Dungannon86
Sligo All-Stars86St. Gall’s67
Jameson St.Vincent’s115Star of the Sea85
Annadale Queens99St. Declan’s87


Home Venues

TeamHome Court







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