Irish Basketball Association National League Women’s Citrus Spring League Division 1 1991-92

IBBA NBL Women’s Division 1 1991-92

*Naomh Mhuire1411322
*West Coast Cooler Meteors1411322
*Lee Strand Tralee1410420
*Snowcream Wildcats1410420
Dairygold Blarney144108
Tolka Rover144108
Lucozade Sport Killester142124
Irish Basketball Association National League Women’s Division 1 1991-92 [Ref: 1]

Top 4 Playoffs

DateHome TeamAway Team
Top 4 FinalNeptune Stadium
22.03.1992West Coast Cooler Meteors48Naomh Mhuire59
Irish Basketball Association National League Women’s Division 1 Top 4 Playoffs 1991-92 [Ref: 23]

Regular Season Results

W/EHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
29.09.1991Tolka Rovers58Lee Strand Tralee62
Week 2
06.10.1991Corinthians41Naomh Mhuire74
06.10.1991West Coast Cooler Meteors75Dairy Gold Blarney47
Week 3
13.10.1991Snowcream Wildcats51Lee Strand Tralee42
13.10.1991Tolka Rovers91Dairy Gold Blarney77
Week 4
20.10.1991Lee Strand Tralee58West Coast Cooler Meteors54
20.10.1991Lucozade Sport Killester73Snowcream Wildcats81
20.10.1991Corinthians75Tolka Rovers56
Week 5
03.11.1991Snowcream Wildcats56Dairy Gold Blarney61
03.11.1991West Coast Cooler Meteors73Corinthians41
03.11.1991Naomh Mhuire57Lee Strand Tralee56
03.11.1991Tolka RoversWLucozade Sport KillesterL
Week 6
10.11.1991Lee Strand Tralee67Dairy Gold Blarney49
10.11.1991Naomh Mhuire86Lucozade Sport Killester56
10.11.1991Tolka RoverspWest Coast Cooler Meteorsp
Week 7
24.11.1991Corinthians54Lee Strand Tralee42
24.11.1991Snowcream Wildcats56West Coast Cooler Meteors42
24.11.1991Naomh Mhuire81Tolka Rovers71
Week 8
01.12.1991Naomh Mhuire73Snowcream Wildcats64
01.12.1991West Coast Cooler Meteors91Lucozade Sport Killester50
01.12.1991Corinthians48Dairy Gold Blarney55
Week 9
05.01.1992Dairy Gold Blarney65Lucozade Sport Killester48
05.01.1992Lee Strand Tralee59Tolka Rovers57
05.01.1992Corinthians50Snowcream Wildcats93
Week 10
12.01.1992West Coast Cooler Meteors70Dairy Gold Blarney60
12.01.1992Naomh Mhuire56Corinthians48
12.01.1992Lucozade Sport Killester57Lee Strand Tralee69
Week 11
19.01.1992Naomh Mhuire52West Coast Cooler Meteors78
19.01.1992Lee Strand Tralee58Snowcream Wildcats61
19.01.1992Dairy Gold Blarney62Tolka Rovers71
19.01.1992Lucozade Sport Killester72Corinthians60
Week 12
02.02.1992Snowcream Wildcats70Lucozade Sport Killester46
02.02.1992Tolka Rovers53Corinthians55
Week 13
09.02.1992Lee Strand Tralee56Naomh Mhuire53
09.02.1992Dairy Gold Blarney55Snowcream Wildcats73
09.02.1992Tolka Rovers74Lucozade Sport Killester73
09.02.1992Corinthians47West Coast Cooler Meteors67
Week 14
16.02.1992Naomh Mhuire77Lucozade Sport Killester66
16.02.1992Dairy Gold Blarney48Lee Strand Tralee60
Week 15
23.02.1992West Coast Cooler Meteors71Snowcream Wildcats56
23.02.1992Lucozade Sport Killester72Dairy Gold Blarney70
23.02.1992Tolka Rovers73Naomh Mhuire89
23.02.1992Corinthians53Lee Strand Tralee68
Week 16
01.03.1992Dairy Gold Blarney79Corinthians73
01.03.1992Lucozade Sport Killester51West Coast Cooler Meteors63
01.03.1992Snowcream Wildcats61Naomh Mhuire66
Week 17
08.03.1992Tolka Rovers66Snowcream Wildcats71
08.03.1992Naomh Mhuire73Dairy Gold Blarney57
08.03.1992West Coast Cooler Meteors46Lee Strand Tralee52
Irish Basketball Association National League Women’s Citrus Spring League Division 1 Results 1991-92 [Ref: 2-30]


The Irish Basketball Association National League Women’s Division 1 (the top Division in Ireland) was sponsored by Citrus Spring for 1991-92. The League turned into an exciting four-team battle as West Coast Coolers Meteors (from Stillorgan in South Dublin), Naomh Mhuire (St. Mary’s, Inchicore, Dublin), Lee Strand Tralee (Co. Kerry) and Snowcream Wildcats (Waterford) only separated by one game at the end of the season.

Meteors won the title ahead of Naomh Mhuire, after both finished on 11-3 records, with Tralee and the Wildcats one game back on 10-4. Meteors weren’t to get the double, however, as Naomh Mhuire defeated them 59-48 in the Top 4 Final in Neptune Stadium, Cork. The team from Inchicore sprinted into an 11-point lead after 6 minutes, with Coolers switched to a man-to-man defense to claw back into the game, trailing 27-26 at the half. A low-scoring third quarter followed, with both sides level at the end 37-37, before good free-throwing in the last quarter from Naomh Mhuire and a three-point spree from Junior International June Blount secured the title for Naomh Mhuire.



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