Irish Collegiate American Football Association | Summer Bowl 1993-1994

Champions 1993-1997

1993Marauding Fungis

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In 1993 Cillian Smith, of Trinity College Dublin Thunderbolts American Football Club, started the Irish Collegiate American Football Association which played its first tournament that summer, taking the Summer Bowl name which had been used for American Football & Flag Football International Tournaments between Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland sides in aid of charities such as GOAL (an International Development Agency).

The first Summer Bowl in 1993 featured four teams and was won by the Marauding Fungi, with the College All-Stars in second place, and two Marlay teams taking the remaining two places. In 1994 the 1994 Summer Bowl featured the Monaghan Hurricanes, from the North West of Ireland, and in 1995 it had become a League, won by the Northside Devastators. In 1997 the Summer League was won by the Drimnagh Cycos.



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Thanks to Liam Farrell & Peter Mullen, Drimnagh Cycos

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