Irish Flag Football Association Blitzes 2014-15

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Composite Table 2014

Dublin Vipers3300  9
South Edenderry Seagulls1100  3
Edenderry Eagles1010  0
Edenderry Eagles Women1010  0
Cashel Crusaders1010  0
Maynooth University Bulls1010  0

Compiled from results

Dublin Vipers Tournament, 9 August 2014

DateTeam 1 Team 2 
09.08.2014Dublin Vipers28Cashel Crusaders0
09.08.2014Dublin Vipers21Edenderry Eagles Women6
09.08.2014Dublin Vipers32Edenderry Eagles30


Dublin Vipers330081361.000
Edenderry Eagles       
Edenderry Eagles Women       
Cashel Crusaders       

Other Matches

DateTeam 1 Team 2 
15.10.2014South Edenderry SeagullsWMaynooth University BullsL



As well as staring the Irish Flag Football League Emerald Bowl Conference in 2014-15, the Irish Flag Football Association continued to run Blitzes and Tournaments. Dublin Viperswon a tournament in August 2014, beating Cashel Crusaders, Edendery Eagles Women, and the Edenderry Eagles. In October a match was played by another Edenderry spin-off, the South Edenderry Seagulls, who beat the Maynooth University Bulls.



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Thanks to Joe Grey, Dublin Vipers.

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