Irish Flag Football Association Irish Flag Football League 2007

Irish Flag Football Association Logo 2007 [Reference: 3]


Dublin Division       
Dublin Dragons321011610466
Dublin Sharks3120988833
Dublin Rebels41218610433
Team 4141219010433
Northern Division       
Belfast Bulls8701+162 93
Carrickfergus Knights8440+21 50
Craigavon Cowboys83410 43
Causeway Convicts8350-3 38
Portadown Eagles #8260-136 25
Southern Division       
South East Strongbows880028221100
Edenderry Soldiers #83508610638
Roscrea Falcons #83509714038
Willow Warriors #82608810625
Galway Sea Devils ##808001500
Irish Flag Football League Table 2007 [Reference: 1-3]

Compiled from: [1][2]

Note: Portadown Eagles didn’t play in Northern Division Tournament 1 – assumed forfeit of 30-0 against other four teams. / Galway Sea Devils and Roscrea Falcons didn’t show up for Southern division Tournament 1 – assumed forfeit of 30-0 against other 3 teams plus double forfeit against each other. / Willow Warriors, Edenderry Soldiers and Galway Sea Devils failed to turn up for Southern Division tournament 2 – assumed forfeit against other 2 teams and double forfeit against each other. [1][2]


DateHome Team Away Team 
Week 1
27.03.2007SpartansDublin Dragons
27.03.2007SpartansDublin Sharks
27.03.2007SpartansDublin Rebels
27.03.2007Dublin DragonsDublin Rebels
27.03.2007Dublin DragonsTeam41
27.03.2007Dublin SharksDublin Rebels
27.03.2007Dublin SharksTeam41
27.03.2007Dublin RebelsTTeam41T
Week 2
11.04.2007Belfast BullsWCauseway ConvictsL
11.04.2007Belfast BullsWCarrickfergus KnightsL
11.04.2007Belfast BullsWCraigavon CowboysL
11.04.2007Causeway ConvictsCarrickfergus Knights
11.04.2007Causeway ConvictsCraigavon Cowboys
11.04.2007Carrickfergus KnightsCraigavon Cowboys
Week 3
25.04.2007Portadown EaglesLCauseway ConvictsW
25.04.2007Belfast BullsTCraigavon CowboysT
25.04.2007Belfast BullsWCarrickfergus KnightsL
25.04.2007Belfast BullsWCauseway ConvictsL
25.04.2007Belfast BullsWPortadown EaglesL
25.04.2007Causeway ConvictsLCraigavon CowboysW
25.04.2007Causeway ConvictsLCarrickfergus KnightsW
25.04.2007Craigavon CowboysLPortadown EaglesW
25.04.2007Craigavon CowboysLCarrickfergus KnightsW
25.04.2007Portadown EaglesWCarrickfergus KnightsL
 Week 4 (Willow)   
05.05.2007Willow Warriors14South East Strongbows20
05.05.2007South East Strongbows32Edenderry Soldiers0
05.05.2007Willow Warriors14Edenderry Soldiers26
 Week 5 (Roscrea)   
28.07.2007South East Strongbows80Roscrea Falcons7
Irish Flag Football League Results 2007 [Reference: 2]



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