Irish Flag Football Association Tournaments 2009-10

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Composite Standings

Clonmel Warriors55002111261.000
Roscrea Falcons21105868.500
Mullingar Soldiers20204350.000
Tralee Titans303074132.000
Dublin 86’ers       

Roscrea Bowl 2009

DateHome Team Away Team 
09Clonmel Warriors51Tralee Titans34
09Midlands Soldiers Roscrea Falcons 
 3rd Place   
09Tralee Titans Midlands Soldiers 
09Clonmel Warriors44Roscrea Falcons33

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Clonmel Tournament, 27 February 2010

Clonmel Warriors220055461.000
Roscrea Falcons110025241.000
Mullingar Soldiers20204350.000
Tralee Titans10102730.000
DateHome Team Away Team 
27.02.2010Clonmel Warriors30Tralee Titans27
27.02.2010Mullingar Soldiers24Roscrea Falcons25
27.02.2010Clonmel Warriors25Mullingar Soldiers19
27.02.2010Tralee Titans Roscrea Falcons 

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Mullingar Tournament, 27 March 2010

Mullingar Soldiers (C)       
Roscrea Falcons       
Dublin 86’ers       

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DateHome Team Away Team 

Other Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
09Clonmel Warriors51Tralee Titans13

Reference: [1]

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Thanks to Sean Douglas & Joe Gray, Dublin Vipers.

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