Irish Flag Football League Emerald Bowl Conference 2014-15

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Irish Flag Football League Emerald Bowl Conference 2014-15

Winter Season 2014-15

EBC Dublin       
*Dublin Vipers10910  18
*Dublin Rebels10631  13
South Dublin Panthers10550  10
Dublin IT Spartans10352  8
University College Dublin10361  7
West Dublin Rhinos100100  0
EBC Midlands       
*Mullingar Minotaurs10910  18
*North Kildare Reapers10730  14
Edenderry Eagles10640  12
Maynooth University Phantoms10550  10
South Kildare Soldiers100100  0

EBC Winter League Playoffs

 2015Dublin VipersWNorth Kildare ReapersL
 2015Dublin Rebels25Mullingar Minotaurs15
 Winter Final   
 2015Dublin Vipers27Dublin Rebels26

EBC Winter League Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1 Venue: UCD 
24.10.14South Dublin panthers14Dublin Rebels26
24.10.14Dublin Vipers27South Dublin Panthers6
24.10.14UCD18Dublin Rebels20
24.10.14UCD25Dublin Rebels26
 Week 3 Venue: Edenderry 
08.11.14Edenderry Eagles6Mullingar Minotaurs36
 Week 4 Venue: North Kildare 
22.11.14North Kildare Reapers0NUI Maynooth Phantoms27
22.11.14NUI Maynooth Phantoms13Mullingar Minotaurs28
22.11.14North Kildare Reapers0Mullingar Moinotaurs40
 Week 5 Venue:  
22.11.14DIT Spartans6Dublin Vipers35
22.11.14South Dublin Panthers6Dublin Vipers54
22.11.14DIT Spartans32South Dublin Panthers0
22.11.14Dublin Vipers30UCD0 #
22.11.14UCD0 #South Dublin Panthers30
 Week 6   
06.12.14NUI Maynooth Phantoms14Edenderry Eagles19
06.12.14NUI Maynooth Phantoms20North Kildare Reapers7
06.12.14Edenderry Eagles14North Kildare Reapers19
 Week 7   
13.12.14Dublin Vipers30Dublin Rhinos0 #
13.12.14Dublin Rhinos0 #South Dublin Panthers30
13.12.14Dublin Rebels12Dublin Vipers46
13.12.14Edenderry Eagles34South Dublin Panthers14
13.12.14Edenderry Eagles18Dublin Rebels6
 Week 8   
10.01.15UCD30Dublin Rhinos0 #
10.01.15DIT Spartans20Dublin Vipers31
10.01.15DIT Spartans30Dublin Rhinos0 #
10.01.15South Kildare Soldiers0 #North Kildare Reapers30
10.01.15South Kildare Soldiers0 #Mullingar Minotaurs30
10.01.15South Kildare Soldiers0 #Edenderry Eagles30
10.01.15South Kildare Soldiers0 #NUI Maynooth Phantoms30
10.01.15NUI Maynooth Phantoms14Mullingar Minotaurs53
10.01.15NUI Maynooth Phantoms48DIT Spartans40
10.01.15Dublin Rhinos0 #Dublin Vipers30
10.01.15Mullingar Minotaurs35Dublin Vipers34
 Week 9   
24.01.15Dublin Rhinos0 #UCD30
24.01.15Dublin Rhinos0 #DIT Spartans30
24.01.15Dublin Rebels30Dublin Rhinos0 #
24.01.15Dublin Rebels43UCD18
24.01.15DIT Spartans0Dublin Rebels31
24.01.15UCD38DIT Spartans2
 Week 10   
31.01.15Dublin Rhinos0 #Dublin Rebels30
31.01.15South Dublin Panthers30Dublin Rhinos0 #
31.01.15UCD0 #South Dublin Panthers30
31.01.15South Dublin Panthers30Dublin Rebels0 #
31.01.15DIT Spartans0 #UCD0 #
31.01.15Dublin Rebels0 #DIT Spartans0 #
 Week 11   
22.02.15North Kildare Reapers7Mullingar Minotaurs0
22.02.15North Kildare Reapers6Edenderry Eagles0
22.02.15NUI Maynooth Phantoms30South Kildare Soldiers0 #
22.02.15NUI Maynooth Phantoms0North Kildare Reapers7
22.02.15Mullingar Minotaurs30South Kildare Soldiers0 #
22.02.15Edenderry Eagles30NUI Maynooth Phantoms0 #
22.02.15Edenderry Eagles14Mullingar Minotaurs16


Final EBC Summer League Table

EBC North       
*Dublin Vipers8800  24
*Craigavon Cowboys8530  15
Carrickfergus Knights8341  10
University College Dublin8260  6
EBC South       
*Mullingar Minotaurs8611  19
*Edenderry Eagles8440  12
Cashel Crusaders8260  6
Dublin Rebels8170  3
IFFL Emerald Bowl Conference Summer League Standings 2015 [Reference: 15]

3 Pts Win , 1 Pt Tie , 0 Pts Loss , *Qualify for Summer Semi-Finals

Playoff Results Summer League

DateHome Team Away Team 
27.06.15Mullingar Minotaurs37Craigavon Cowboys31
27.06.15Dublin Vipers Edenderry Eagles 
27.06.15Mullingar Minotaurs27Dublin Vipers25
IFFL Emerald Bowl Conference Summer League Playoffs [Reference: 16-17]

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1 (Dublin Rebels) 
18.04.15Dublin Rebels24Mullingar Minotaurs43
18.04.15Cashel Crusaders16Dublin rebels52
18.04.15Mullingar Minotaurs59Cashel Crusaders37
 Week 3 (Dublin Vipers) 
09.05.15Dublin Vipers30Carrickfergus Knights0 #
09.05.15Craigavon Cowboys19Dublin Vipers34
09.05.15Carrickfergus Knights0 #Craigavon Cowboys30
 Week 4 (Edenderry) 
16.05.15Edenderry Eagles30Dublin Rebels0 #
16.05.15Cashel Crusaders27Edenderry Eagles41
16.05.15Dublin Rebels0 #Cashel Crusaders30
 Week 5 (Mullingar) 
23.05.15Edenderry Eagles46Mullingar Minotaurs49
23.05.15Mullingar Minotaurs30Dublin Rebels0 #
23.05.15Dublin Rebels0 #Edenderry Eagles30
 Week 5 (UCD) 
23.05.15University College Dublin22Dublin vipers27
23.05.15Craigavon Cowboys7University College Dublin48
23.05.15Dublin Vipers62Craigavon Cowboys0
 Week 6 (Carrickfergus) 
06.06.15Carrickfergus Knights8Dublin Vipers24
06.06.15University College Dublin6Carrickfergus Knights22
06.06.15Dublin Vipers20University College Dublin6
 Week 7 (Cashel) 
13.06.15Cashel Crusaders26Mullingar Minotaurs76
13.06.15Edenderry Eagles41Cashel Crusaders12
13.06.15Mullingar Minotaurs63Edenderry Eagles51
 Week 8 (Craigavon) 
27.06.15Craigavon Cowboys27Carrickfergus Knights7
27.06.25University College Dublin0 #Craigavon Cowboys30
27.06.15Carrickfergus Knights30University College Dublin0 #
 Week 9 (UCD) 
11.07.15Cashel Crusaders39University College Dublin26
11.07.15Edenderry Eagles0Dublin Vipers43
11.07.15Dublin Rebels0 #Carrickfergus Knights30
11.07.15Mullingar Minotaurs0 #Craigavon Cowboys30
11.07.15University College Dublin30Dublin Rebels0 #
11.07.15Dublin Vipers47Cashel Crusaders18
11.07.15Carrickfergus Knights0 $Mullingar Minotaurs0 $
11.07.15Craigavon Cowboys60Edenderry Eagles25
IFFL Emerald Bowl Conference Summer League 2015 Results [Reference:

# Forfeited / $ Not Played – Declared Tie

Emerald Bowl I (Winter v Summer Champions)

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Emerald Bowl I   
09.08.15Dublin Vipers13Mullingar Minotaurs19


Dublin Vipers won the Winter League Final 27-26 over the Dublin Rebels, and then lost the Summer League Final 27-25 against the Mullingar Minotaurs. This resulted in a closely-fought Emerald Bowl, which was a rematch of the Summer League Final, with Mullingar Minotaurs running out victors again, 19-13.

Dublin Vipers – Winter League Champions 2014-15 [Reference: 18]


The Irish Flag Football Association was formally recognised by the Irish American Football Association in early 2014, with the first IAFA-recognised Irish Flag Football League, named the Emerald Bowl Conference played for over the Winter Months of 2014-15 and Summer Months of 2015, with the winners of the Winter League and Summer League meeting in Emerald Bowl I.


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Thanks to Sean Douglas and Joe Gray (Dublin Vipers).

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