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The first Flag Football Leagues in Ireland were in Northern Ireland in the mid-1980s. Then in 1991 members of the Dublin Tornadoes American Football Team started a league in Dublin to grow the game. The league became the Irish Flag Football League with addition of teams in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, and lasted until 2000.

From the mid-1980s to 2000, there were two separate development bodies under the IAFA/AFAI: The Northern Ireland American Football Association & Irish council of American Football (Republic of Ireland) charged with developing Flag Football, Junior Football & 8-a-side DV8 Football.

Flag Football was restarted in 2001 as a series of Challenge Games held Nationally. This grew into a National Series of Blitzes, with approximately four Bowls held annually until the formation of the second Irish Flag Football League in 2007, this time a National one. It lasted two seasons before the blitz system was re-introduced. All of these iterations of Flag Football Leagues and Tournaments were under numerous Irish Flag Football Association banners.

In 2014 the Irish American Football association took over the running of Flag Football, and the Irish Flag Football League was re-instated, with the League named the Emerald Bowl Conference. A second level, the Glas (Green) Bowl Conference is being introduced in 2019.

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Irish Flag Football League (Bowls & Finals):

Irish Flag Football Bowls & Finals (Bowls & Finals):

The Finals of the Dublin Area Irish Flag Football League & the subsequent All-Ireland Blitz Era, and Irish Flag Football League (Emerald Bowl Conference): 


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Irish Flag Football League | Emerald Bowls 2015-2018

Irish Flag Football Association | Bowl Finals 2009-2014

Irish Council of American Football | Irish Flag Football Association | League Finals 1992-2000


Irish Flag Football Summer Bowl Blitzes (Bowls & Finals):

Irish Flag Football Association | Summer League Finals 1995-1997

Irish Collegiate American Football Association | Summer Bowl 1993-1994

Jack Daniels Summer Bowl International Flag Football Challenge 1986-1992

Irish International Flag Football Challenges (Finals):

Irish-American Flag Football Classic 2010-2014

Anglo-Irish Flag Football Challenge 1997-2005

Irish Flag Football League (Decade / Era Overviews):

The Final Standings & Playoff Results at a glance: Decade / Era Overviews:

Irish Flag Football League (Decade / Era Final Tables & Playoffs Overviews)

Irish American Football Association Irish Flag Football League Emerald Bowl Conference 2014-2019

Irish Flag Football Association | Irish Flag Football League 2007-2008

Irish Flag Football League & Blitzes (Seasons):

The Results & Standings of each season arranged on a season-by-season basis:

The First Irish American Football match between two Irish teams was a Flag Football match in 1985 between the Coleraine Chieftins and Tyrone Tornadoes. 

Flag Football or Two-Touch Matches were played as part of Youth Leagues in both Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland in the 1980s. There was also a Flag Football League in Northern Ireland run by the Northern Ireland American Football Association – a development region within the Irish American Football Association.

In 1990 a new organisation, the American Football Association of Ireland took over the running of the sport and two regional development bodies the Northern Ireland American Football Association and the Irish Council of American Football (Republic of Ireland) ran Flag Football Leagues (The Irish Flag Football Association ran the Dublin Flag Football League from 1991-1995 under the ICAF umbrela – in 1995 with the addition of the Greystones Rebels from Co. Wicklow it became the Irish Flag Football League, although still only Greater Dublin Area. 

In 2001-02 under the new Irish American Football Association which had resurrected the sport in Ireland, four teams from North and South of the Island (University of Limerick Vikings, Drimnagh Cycos (Dublin), Coleraine Chieftains and Belfast Bulls) played a small informal season, which led to the establishment of a “Turkey Bowl” style blitz season (so-called as Thanksgiving was a popular time to hold a blitz). In 2007 the first All-Ireland Flag Football League took place divided into 3 Provincial Leagues (Munster & Connacht were combined in one) with an All-Ireland Playoff. This lasted two seasons before the Blitz format took over again.

In 2014-15 the first Emerald Bowl Conference season took place – the Irish Flag Football Association was officially recognised by the Irish American Football Association whicj organised the first weekly league with three or more teams meeting at a venue to play two matches each week for an 8 or 10 game season followed by playoffs. This format brough new exposure for Flag Football and the number of teams increased to 17 in 2015-16. By 2019 there were a record 25 teams necessitating the introduction of the Glas (Green) Bowl Conference – a second level of the Irish Flag Football League.

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Irish Flag Football League & Blitzes (Level 1)(Seasons)

IFFL Emerald Bowl Conference (2014-present): 2019 2018  2017 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 

IAFFA Tournaments (2009-2014): 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12 2010-11 2009-10 

IFFA Irish Flag Football League (2007-2008):2008 2007 

IFFA Tournaments (2001-2007)  2006-07 2005-06 2001-02 

IFFA Irish Flag Football League (1991-2000): 1999-2000 1998-99 1997-98 1996-97 1995-96 1994-95 

NIAFA Flag Football League:1986 1985

Irish Flag Football League & Blitzes (Level 2) (Seasons):

IAFA Glas Bowl Conference (2019-Present): 2019

IAFA | Flag Football Tournaments (Domestic) (2014-present): 2017-18

Irish International & College Flag Football Blitzes

Irish teams have been playing International matches since the first charity bowl in the 1980s in aid of GOAL (an Irish International Development Agency) – the GOAL Heroes v RTE Raiders. Following on from that the Drimnagh Cycos played in the Anglo-Irish Flag Football Challenge for 9 years against the Leicester Europa Eagles, and then another charity event, the Irish-American Flag Football Classic, was held between two teams representing the US Ambassador’s Residence (Phoenix Park Pirates) and the American Embassy (Dublin 8s).

The Celtic Bowl was held in 2015 between 8 Irish teams and two Scottish teams to celebrate the 30th anniversary of American Football in Ireland. In 2016 Ireland hels an International Tournament featuring National Teams and also the Ramstein Mayhem from Germany. In 2017-18, the Kaiserslautern Screamimg Eagles entered one of the Four IAFA Blitzes, which has been included here in the Irish International Club Flag Football section.

International Series (Seasons): 2020 2017-18 2016 2015

IFFA Summer League (1995-1997): 1997 1996 1995 

ICAFA Summer Bowl (1993-1994): 1994 1993

Irish Flag Football Association (Box-Scores & Match Reports):

Box-Scores & Match Reports for each game, arranged on a season-by-season basis:

Irish Flag Football Association | Challenge Matches (Box-Scores & Match Reports):


Anglo-Irish Flag Football Challenge (Box-Scores & Match Reports): 

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