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Irish Flag Football (Decade / Era Overviews):

The first Flag Football Leagues in Ireland were in Northern Ireland in the mid-1980s. Then in 1991 members of the Dublin Tornadoes American Football Team started a league in Dublin to grow the game. The league became the Irish Flag Football League with addition of teams in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, and lasted until 2000.

From the mid-1980s to 2000, there were two separate development bodies under the IAFA/AFAI: The Northern Ireland American Football Association & Irish council of American Football (Republic of Ireland) charged with developing Flag Football, Junior Football & 8-a-side DV8 Football.

Flag Football was restarted in 2001 as a series of Challenge Games held Nationally. This grew into a National Series of Blitzes, with approximately four Bowls held annually until the formation of the second Irish Flag Football League in 2007, this time a National one. It lasted two seasons before the blitz system was re-introduced. All of these iterations of Flag Football Leagues and Tournaments were under numerous Irish Flag Football Association banners.

In 2014 the Irish American Football association took over the running of Flag Football, and the Irish Flag Football League was re-instated, with the League named the Emerald Bowl Conference. A second level, the Glas (Green) Bowl Conference is being introduced in 2019.

Irish Flag Football Bowls & Finals (Decade / Era Overviews):

Irish Flag Football League | Finals 1992-2000

Irish Flag Football Association | Bowl Finals 2009-2014

Irish Flag Football League | Emerald Bowls 2015-2018

Irish Flag Football League (Decade / Era Final Tables & Playoffs Overviews)

Irish Flag Football Association | Irish Flag Football League 2007-2008

Irish Flag Football League | Emerald Bowl Conference 2014-2018

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Irish Council of American Football (1991-2000):

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Irish Flag Football Association Era (1991-2014):


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IFFA Tournaments (2001-2007)

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IFFA Irish Flag Football League (2007-2008):

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IAFFA Irish American Flag Football Association Era (2009-2014):

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IAFA Irish Flag Football League Era (2014-present):

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IFFL Emerald Bowl Conference (2014-present):

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