Irish Ice Hockey League Recreational Division 2008-09

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IIHL Recreational Division 2008-09

Drogheda Ice Breakers9900115427
Latvian Hawks B9900381327
Dundalk Bulls11641554824
Dundalk IT Ravens10541302821
Kilkenny City Storm9531422420
Flyers IHC10451324219
Drogheda Ice Breakers 210361243417
Blackrock Whalers8350264014
Belfast Giants5410231113
Dublin Wolves10190158312
Dundalk Bulls Ladies70706627
Irish Ice Hockey League Recreational Division 2008-09 Standings [Reference: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
04.10.2008Dundalk Bulls Ladies0Drogheda Ice Breakers 122
05.10.2008Hawks B2Kilkenny City Storm1
05.10.2008Drogheda Ice Breakers 20Flyers IHC3
Week 2
11.10.2008Blackhawks1Drogheda Ice Breakers 19
12.10.2008Kilkenny City Storm2Dundalk Bulls3
Week 3
18.10.2008Flyers IHC1Belfast Giants IIHL7
19.10.2008Hawks B10Dublin Wolves1
19.10.2008Belfast Giants IIHL5Blackrock Whalers2
Week 4
23.10.2008Dundalk IT Ravens8Dublin Wolves0
01.11.2008Drogheda Ice Breakers 20Drogheda Ice Breakers 19
02.11.2008Flyers IHC3Kilkenny City Storm4
Week 5
15.11.2008Dublin Wolves2Blackhawks5
16.11.2008Dundalk Bulls Ladies1Flyers IHC8
16.11.2008Blackrock Whalers4Drogheda Ice Breakers 21
16.11.2008Blakhawks4Kilkenny City Storm4
Week 6
20.11.2008Dundalk Bulls4Dundalk IT Ravens2
Week 7
30.11.2008Blackhawks1Flyers IHC3
30.11.2008Belfast Giants IIHL6Dundalk Bulls2
Week 8
03.12.2008Flyers IHC2Dundalk IT Ravens2
07.12.2008Drogheda Ice Breakers 28Dundalk Bulls Ladies2
07.12.2008Drogheda Ice Breakers 112Dublin Wolves3
Week 9
14.12.2008Belfast Giants IIHL4Blackhawks3
Week 10
11.01.2009Hawks B6Blackrock Whalers2
Week 11
13.01.2009Dundalk IT Ravens1Kilkenny City Storm5
17.01.2009Dundalk Bulls Ladies1Dublin Wolves3
18.01.2009Drogheda Ice Breakers 112Flyers IHC0
18.01.2009Dundalk Bulls7Blackhawks3
18.01.2009Drogheda Ice Breakers 2 1Dundalk IT Ravens3
Week 12
19.01.2009Blackrock Whalers1Dundalk IT Ravens2
Week 13
31.01.2009Blackrock Whalers2Blackhawks5
01.02.2009Dublin Wolves2Flyers IHC8
Week 14
03.02.2009Dundalk IT Ravens8Dundalk Bulls Ladies0
07.02.2009Dublin Wolves1Drogheda Ice Breakers 22
08.02.2009Flyers IHC2Hawks B4
Week 15
15.02.2009Dundalk Bulls Ladies1Dundalk Bulls5
15.02.2009Blackrock Whalers0Drogheda Ice Breakers 116
15.02.2009Hawks B3Belfast Giants IIHL1
Week 16
21.02.2009Drogheda Ice Breakers 25Blackhawks1
Week 17
24.02.2009Dundalk IT Ravens0Drogheda Ice Breakers 111
28.02.2009Dublin Wolves1Dundalk Bulls14
01.03.2009Dundalk Bulls5Drogheda Ice Breakers 25
Week 18
13.03.2009Hawks B3Dundalk IT Ravens1
14.03.2009Dundalk Bulls3Hawks B4
15.03.2009Dublin Wolves0Kilkenny City Storm16
Week 19
22.03.2009Drogheda Ice Breakers 19Kilkenny City Storm0
22.03.2009Dublin Bulls9Flyers IHC2
22.03.2009Dublin Bulls Ladies1Kilkenny City Storm8
Week 20
29.03.2009Blackrock Wolves7Dundalk Bulls3
Week 21
03.04.2009Blackhawks1Dundalk IT Ravens3
04.04.2009Drogheda Ice Breakers 115Dundalk Bulls0
05.04.2009Drogheda Ice Breakers 21Hawks B4
05.04.2009Blackrock Whalers7Dublin Wolves2
05.04.2009Hawks B2Blackhawks1
Irish Ice Hockey League Recreational Division Results 2008-09 [Ref: 2]


Drogheda Ice Breakers 1 and Hawks B shared top spot in the Irish Ice Hockey League Recreational Division in 2008-09 with 9 wins from 9 games each. Dundalk Bulls, Dundalk IT Ravens and Kilkenny city Storm all ended up with winning records (more wins than losses).

The bottom half of the table was taken up by Flyers IHC (Dublin), Drogheda Ice Breakers 2, Blackhawks, Blackrock Whalers, Belfast Giants IIHL (who only played a half schedule), Dublin Wolves and Dundalk Bulls Ladies (the only all female team in the league).



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