Irish Inline Hockey League Senior League 2003-04

Standings 2003-04

East Coast League
Dublin City Riot (P)15131101033527
Dublin Thunder1641111711219
East Coast Blaze153111044807
Inline Hockey Cork
Cork Rebels (P)16133001193026
UCC Cannonball17971110211219
Glanmire Rockets154830448111
Celtic Wolves1651016448111
Reference: [1]

Legend / Key: (P) Qualify for Playoffs.

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
04.04.2004Dublin City Riot6Cork Rebels1
[References: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Day 1
15.11.2003Celtic Wolves2Dublin Riot7
15.11.2003UCC Cannonball5East Coast Blaze9
15.11.2003Celtic Wolves3Dublin Thunder4
15.11.2003Cork Rebels5Dublin Riot1
15.11.2003Glanmire Rockets4Dublin Riot4
15.11.2003Dublin Thunder3East Coast Blaze2
15.11.2003Cork Rebels11Celtic Wolves1
15.11.2003UCC Cannonball10Glanmire Rockets4
Day 2
16.11.2003Glanmire Rockets2East Coast Blaze2
16.11.2003UCC Cannonball4Dublin Riot8
16.11.2003Glanmire Rockets2Dublin Thunder2
16.11.2003Cork Rebels8East Coast Blaze2
16.11.2003UCC Cannonball2Cork Rebels12
16.11.2003UCC Cannonball5Celtic Wolves5
16.11.2003Dublin Thunder3Dublin Riot5
16.11.2003UCC Cannonball2Cork Rebels12
Day 3
31.01.2004Glanmire Rockets0Cork Rebels4
31.01.2004Celtic Wolves5UCC Cannonball0
Day 4
07.02.2004UCC Cannonball5Glanmire Rockets4
07.02.2004Cork Rebels0Dublin Riot4
07.02.2004Glanmire Rockets7Dublin Thunder12
07.02.2004Cork Rebels13UCC Cannonball2
07.02.2004Dublin Riot10Dublin Thunder3
07.02.2004East Coast Blaze2Glanmire Rockets5
07.02.2004Cork Rebels15Dublin Thunder5
07.02.2004UCC Cannonball19Dublin Thunder14
07.02.2004East Coast Blaze2UCC Cannonball6
07.02.2004East Coast Blaze5Dublin Thunder0 #
07.02.2004East Coast Blaze5Celtic Wolves0 #
07.02.2004Glanmire Rockets5Celtic Wolves0 #
07.02.2004Cork Rebels5Celtic Wolves0 #
07.02.2004Dublin Thunder5Celtic Wolves0 #
Day 5
08.02.2004Dublin Riot8UCC Cannonball2
08.02.2004East Coast Blaze2Cork Rebels9
08.02.2004Dublin Riot8Glanmire Rockets1
08.02.2004East Coast Blaze5Dublin Thunder0 #
08.02.2004UCC Cannonball5Celtic Wolves0 #
Day 6
28.02.2004UCC Cannonball 11Dublin Thunder9
28.02.2004Celtic Wolves7East Coast Blaze4
28.02.2004Cork Rebels7Dublin Thunder1
28.02.2004Glanmire Rockets4Dublin Riot14
28.02.2004UCC Cannonball9East Coast Blaze2
28.02.2004Celtic Wolves2Dublin Riot13
28.02.2004Cork Rebels6East Coast Blaze0
28.02.2004Glanmire Rockets11Dublin Thunder1
28.02.2004UCC Cannonball3Dublin Riot7
28.02.2004Cork Rebels8Dublin Thunder0
Day 7
29.02.2004Glanmire Rockets7East Coast Blaze3
29.02.2004Celtic Wolves7Dublin Thunder3
29.02.2004Cork Rebels1Dublin Riot5
29.02.2004Celtic Wolves9East Coast Blaze3
29.02.2004UCC Cannonball9Dublin Thunder6
29.02.2004Cork Rebels4UCC Cannonball5
29.02.2004Glanmire Rockets1Celtic Wolves3


Despite a goal from Dave Healy Cork Rebels were unable to prevent Dublin City Riot winning the Playoffs for the third year in succession as the Riot provided an onslaught of goals. Dublin City Riot had won the East Coast League with a 13-1-1 recor, well ahead of both Dublin Thunder (9 Points) and East Coast Blaze (7 Points) and Cork Rebels the Inline Hockey Cork league with a 13-3 record 7 points ahead of UCC Cannonball with Glanmire Rockets and Celtic Wolves from Midleton trailing on 11 points.


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