Irish International Soccer

nternational Tournaments held in CONCACAF

US Cup (Editions): 1992

International Club Tournaments held in CONCACAF (Irish teams)

International Soccer League 1960-1965

United Soccer Association 1967

UEFA Regions Cup Qualifying [International Amateur Regional Cup](Seasons)

The UEFA Regions Cup is an International Amateur Cup for Regions in Europe. Each country selects a representative Regional team from its regions, which then compete for the Regions Cup – a Europe-wide competitions with Qualifying groups held in one of the countries in each group, followed by an eight-team Finals Round. For example, for the 1999 UEFA Regions Cup, England were represented by Cheshire County, Netherlands by West District II, and Scotland by West Region. Countries with less than 5 Regional Associations, or less than 1000 registered players, are represented by their country, which in 1999 included Republic of Ireland (4 Regional Associations: Leinster FA, Munster FA, Connacht FA and Ulster FA).

UEFA Regions Cup Qualifying (Seasons): 1999

UEFA European Amateur Championship (Editons): 1967