Is the NFL retracing History? – Connections between NFL team names and Alphanumerical signs in Ancient Sumer & Egypt

OrderSign/Symbol MeaningNFL TeamYear StartedExplanation
ABirdArizona Cardinals1898Cardinal Bird
BReedWatertown Red & Blacks1896 / 1913Based in New Jersey, the Garden State, the Red & Blacks still exist in a New York / New Jersey Metro League and played in the first World Series of Professional Football in 1902-1903
CHead, Chief, Summit, ThighGreen Bay Packers1919Packers fans are known as Cheeseheads because they wear foam Cheese Hats on their head in honour of the State of Wisconsin’s Dairy fame.
DHaunchChicago Bears1920 / 1922Unknown Link
EPenis, FertiliseNew York Giants1924Leaders in the Ancient World were often portrayed as Giants and erected Giant Pillars in their own honour recognising their own great feats
FPubis, WomanDetroit Lions1928Unknown Link
GPalm Tree, DateWashington Redskins / Football Team1932Unknown Link
HMountain, Foreign LandPittsburgh Steelers1933 / 1935based in Coal mining Region of Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania
IEye – To lookPhiladelphia Eagles1933Eagle-Eyed is an expression meaning to spot detail
JFountain, Well, Water-ButtLos Angeles Rams1936Rams drink from water-butts
KWater or StreamSan Francisco 49ers194649ers references the California Goldrush of 1849, and the Gold-prospecting which took place in streams.
LFishIndianapolis Colts1946 / 1953The Fish is often associated with the Occult, and also the horseshoe, the logo on the Colts helmet
MHand, FistCleveland Browns1946 / 1999Paws: The Bulldog is a Logo of the Cleveland Browns
Writing of Ancient Sumer and their possible connection to NFL teams of 1920-1953

Numbers and their Meaning in Ancient Egypt and their Connection to AFL-era Teams of 1960s

NumberMeaningAFL / NFL TeamYear StartedExplanation
1Harpoon, Sun, MoonDallas Texans / Kansas City Chiefs1960A Harpoon is like an Arrowhead, the logo of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Sun is often linked with Texas. The KC Chiefs were originally the Dallas Texans
2Sun & MoonDenver Broncos1960Big Sky is often a name used to describe the breathtaking scenery of the Rocky Mountains.
33 HarpoonsSan Diego / Los Angeles Chargers1960San Diego is a Naval Port
4JubilaeumNew Jork Titans / Jets1960There is no known explanation for Jubilaeum
55-point StarDallas Cowboys1960The Cowboys logo is a 5-point star in honour of the “Lone Star State” – Texas
61 plus StarBuffalo Bills1960Unknown Link
7Human HeadMinnesota Vikings1960 / 1961The head has 7 orifices: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils and one mouth – The Vikings logo is two horns, making the helmet look like an ancient Viking helmet. The Vikings used to cut off enemy heads and place them in defensive walls to warn off enemies
8IbisBoston / New England Patriots1960Ibis is a bird incarnation of the God Thot – divinity of the City of Hermopolis – old name “Khmnw” which means City of Eight – Boston is associated with seafaring – the wheel used to steer vessels is divided by eight spokes, as represented in another Boston teams’ logo: Boston Bruins of the NHL
9To Shine / ScytheOakland / Las Vegas Raiders1960The Raiders are also known as the Silver & Black for the colour of their uniforms and helmet.
10FalconAtlanta Falcons1966The God Horus is represented by the Falcon. The Falcon represented number 10 in Ancient Egyptian numbers as Horus was the first added to the original 9 deities of Heliopolis.
Egyptian Numbers and Meaning and their links to AFL-era NFL teams of 1960s.


The possibility that the NFL (National Football League) has been re-tracing Human History is explored here. The earliest Human Civilization: Sumer in Ancient Iraq, had for instance a Bird symbol as its first, correlating to the Cardinals, the first NFL team. The Reed is the second Pictograph (Symbol) and could correspond to the Watertown Red & Blacks of New Jersey (the Garden State) who played in first World Series of Professional Football in 1902 to 1903. Other links are the eighth Pictograph, meaning Mountain or Foreign Land, corresponding to the Pittsburgh Steelers, based in Coal-Mining region of the Appalachian Mountains in Western Pennsylvania. San Francisco 49ers are represented by the 11th Pictograph, representing Water or stream, which correlates with the Goldrush of 1849 with the Prospectors mining for gold in streams. Philadelphia Eagles, the ninth team including the Watertown Red & Blacks could be represented by the ninth symbol in Ancient Sumer: I, an eye or to look. Eagle-Eyed is an expression used to describe a person who can pick out fine detail.

The Second Civilization, Ancient Egypt includes a five-point star for the number five, corresponding to the Dallas Cowboys and their Lone Star State logo. Other representations include the number one represented by a harpoon, sun and moon, which could be linked to the Kansas City Chiefs and their Arrowhead logo. Number seven is represented by a Human Head, which links well with the Vikings and their use of decapitated heads placed in defensive walls to warn off invaders. The God Horus was the first added to the original nine deities of the city of Heliopolis and thus represents the number 10. He is often represented by the Falcon.

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Egyptian God Horus Statue Isolated. 3D rendering

Egyptian God Horus – represented by the Falcon.

By Nerthuz


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