James Quinn McDonagh Bare Knuckle Boxing “King of the Travellers” Champion

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James Quinn McDonagh110
James Quinn McDonagh Bare Knuckle Boxing “King of the Travellers” Champion [Ref: 1]

Note: W = Wins, L = Losses.


“King of the Travellers” is a Bare Knuckle Boxing Fight among Irish Travellers, that is no longer sanctioned, but has been taking place since the early 1700s, and as a form of Boxing started in Ireland. It is no longer sanctioned anywhere except a few American States.

James Quinn McDonagh was born in 1967 and is a modern Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion. Unlike Street Fights, “King of the Travellers” is arranged months in advance, with rules, giving fighters plenty of chance to train.

McDonagh, who had a documentary made of him, won all 11 boouts he fought in.

Travellers, also known as Indigineous Irish these days, or “Gypsies”, sometimes still use bare knuckle boxing fights to settle differences, and after being involved in one fight where a fighter was killed, McDonagh became embroiled in a feud.

He started as a trained boxer before taking his skills to Bare Knuckle Boxing.



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