Japan Collegiate American Football Tokyo Bowl (Kantoh v Kansai) 2016-Present

Tokyo Bowl Logo [References: 1]

Results 2016-Present

YearBowlKantoh RepresentativeKansai Representative
08.12.2019VIHosei University33Kobe University20
09.12.2018VMeiji University20Kansai University27
10.12.2017IVHosei University24Kyoto University23
25.12.2016IIIKeio University6Ritsumeikan University44
[References: 2-5]


Hosei University have won the Tokyo Bowl twice in the last four years, with Kansai University and Ritsumeikan University the other two Champions.


The Tokyo Bowl is the Collegiate American Football Bowl for the winners of the Kantoh and Kansai Collegaite American Football Associations. The winner of the Kantoh Bowl in turn goes on to play in the East Japan Representaive School Deciding Match.



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